Knitted pink sock
Inspiration struck, and I knitted a pair of socks in thick neat wool yarn (raggi) that I had left. I have used it for a winter cap and a very very long scarf, but had enought in two pink colours for a pair of socks (pattern from Ica Kuriren).

And these are the first thick socks I’ve knitted. Now that I come to think of it, it seams trange that I’ve knitted four pair (!) of thin socks that has taken me forever to make, but not one with bulky wool until now. I love it! You get my favourit kind of yarn, knit faster and get result in two days. If you haven’t tried knitting socks I really recomend you to try. Once you get the hang of it, it’s a pieace of cake.


Comfy comfy
Yes, I took these photos and was proud. The sun was shining and so was my mind.

Knitted comfy socks

At night they hang on the chair next to my bed and the evil side of the cat woke up and was hunting for newly (not yet worn) socks to eat and play with. And she found these, pink and sparkly, waiting to be attacked. Innocent and filled with fear the socks were tossed and turned over, tasted with sharp cat theeths and curious toung.

When I saw them next they looked like old and worn socks, with little rips, but no holes, lucky me. I will wear them anyway, and be happy that it didn’t take me forever to knit them. :-)

Don’t forget to bring your knitting out on Saturday this week!
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