Jakob's pointy kitty katt & Peppar a real cat

Cats are the best, right? And softie cats too. I made two blue striped pointy kittens last month. One was a present for my friend Jakob, on his second birthday. I think he liked it. He said “Kiiisse-kaaatt!” when he opened the package. I have photos of the other cat I made, but it’s a birthday present too, so I won’t post about it until later.

Jakob 2 years old and Pointy kitty

Other Cat News in Blog World

I am thinking about cats. And cats on blogs, as I see them eeeverywhere right now. Have you noticed, it’s a big blog trend!

Gracia posted a picture of her cat, Yvonne’s cat Boo had a birthday and Lovisa has posted some spring comfort: white kittens!

Pam has posted beautiful photos of her cat Tyger, and did you notice Tine’s wonderful cat Early when she was kind enough to post picture of him in her blog!? Tami’s cat Cosmo had his birthday in the beginning of March. Jojo has gotten a kitten recently too. And Katie got her cat back after one year, amazing! And then there is cat crafts, like the Totoro inspired cat bus quilt! I want to make a quilt too soon, and cat toys. Soooooon.

Also, I just happened to buy something to sleep on for a cat that might come live here (!), when visiting IKEA Sundsvall this weekend. Gotta love IKEA, it’s so Swedish as you probably already know. The cat blanket I got is round, white, furry and has a tail…

If you are not tired of cats yet, then you should also check out:

If you have other tips for a crazy cat women like me, please tell me… I am not cat crossed eye yet.