I make notebooks for myself, to sell, and to give to friends. This is what happens when I’m in the making-mood:

Spiralbound notebooks made by iHanna from vintage book covers
Spiral bound blank notebooks made from recycled vintage book covers!

At the market we attended this summer at Sollern in Dalarna I put up some of my old notebooks. It’s about two years ago that I made these notebooks out of recycled book covers bought at secondhand shops and flea markets here and there. My handmade notebooksAll the book covers are Swedish books that nobody seems to be interested to read any more but with covers that I absolutely love! I think some vintage book covers are fantastic with illustration, title, fonts and everything! Yummy is the word!

I’ve been meaning to sell these somewhere
but haven’t gotten around to it yet… So two years later, maybe I should do something about it because now they are just taking up space around here! They have white blank pages and some saved printed pages from the original books just for fun that you can doodle on or read (if you read Swedish).

After the market I have these left to sell, pick your favorite and write me an e-mail!

Recycled books
Pick your favorite, all of them are for sale!

Recycled books
They are 100 SEK each plus postage about 40 SEK. That’s not bad for a handmade original notebook that you will be the only one in the whole world to have, is it? I hope not. In USD that’s about 24 dollars! I’d be happy to combine shipping with anything from my shop or my Etsy. Thanks!

At the Soller market I didn’t sell any of these because I guess the people visiting were not at all the I-need-another-notebook-kind, maybe they didn’t even understand what notebooks are good for? But you know, right? Notebooks are the quintessence of a creative life! You knew that, right? These are perfect for sketches, notes, diary writing, collages or anything you want to do with them. Each are unique (and non is perfect) and all of them are favorites to me!

Mom sold a little better than me but not very much either. I think both of us bought more than we sold and hence came home more poor than before but rich in spirit. Hmm.. maybe!

Soller? market
Mom’s beautiful stuff not displayed in a very cleaver way and often covered with a big plastic bag because of the rained that kept insisting on scaring the visitors away and moisten everything!

Mom and me:

Soller? market
It was fun to be there with mom, but it could’ve been a bit more sun I think! :-)

Some more fun photos of my notebook piles:

Spiral bound notebooks

Notebooks I made

Note books