The theme of Selfportrait Tuesday this week/month is April Fool. I’m impersonating this by just existing. Because I was born in April. I am the April Fool. I’ve been thinking about contributing with some of all the photos of me that I already have (or snap myself all the time) – but haven’t had the discipline to do so (or the courage?), until now. But today I will share with you: I, Hanna, in a few fun photos.

Photo-boot pictures featuring iHanna of

I was at a photo-boot last week, wearing my new red sweater with white stripes. I will send one of the photos to my union to get an identity card for journalists. Maybe it will feel more real then? Well, no hurry. I still have a year left in school.


I’m now getting this weekly magazine, Journalisten , through school… but will I ever become an employed journalist at a magazine or newspaper? I have my doubtful moments, so keep your fingers crossed.

Faces I was just viewing someones awesome photo blog the other day, and admiring beautiful photos of two daughters and everyday life. I remembered my own Fotodagbok (photo journal) that I kept for one year (back in 2004). When I view those pictures I remember how much I love and adore personal photography – and viewing my life in still pictures. Beautiful photos makes me very happy.

It looks like we had such a wonderful life back then, when I browse those photos. I think you notice the small beautiful things better if you journal them, in any way; handwriting, blogging, photos, collages, poems, ephemera collecting, sketching… One should really document family, and life (as well as kisses and love) in life when we have it.

I wish I had time for a photo blog again, but instead of starting another big project I will try to post more photos to this blog. Photography documentation rocks!