Mini moopy back Mini moopy front

I’ve been sewing a lot these last two weeks. And I haven’t put the sewing machine away yet. I have so many plans for things I want to make!

Felix & hans kanin

Who could’ve imagined that I would be a softie maker? While the sewing machine have been out I’ve made my first mini moopy, from Carly’s great and easy to use pattern!

It was a present for this little guy, I think you can tell he kind of likes it?

Go ungen Felix and Mini Moopy number one

You can check out more mini moopys images at flickr!

And this is another picture I really like right now:

Smilla, the cat princess. To hot on the balcony but still in need of sun she has found the best spot in the house right now.

The stash of fabric I have is growing, but not the rooms where we live! Some of it is stored in this pile in the living room right now:
Pile of fabric in the living room
Collecting dust and making me want to hide somewhere and not clean up the apartment… I want to use all this fabric right now, and not stop until it’s all sewn into something… Hmm… maybe tomorrow.