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When you just HAVE to make something

You know that feeling you get sometimes, that you just have to make something? The creative urge hits, and you simply need to craft something together, anything. You just have to get to it ASAP. Maybe you see a color combination, a fabric, a pattern, a flower that you want to draw, and inspiration strikes. […]

The Purple Table Runner

I’ve sewn together a very easy table runner for a friend of mine. I still adore the table runner we’ve got on our living room table right now, the polka dot one I made this spring. It really makes me happy, with all those bright colors together. I can’t wait to make another one for […]

Fabulous Fabric Scraps

I’ve been sewing this week, and intend to do a bit more before July ends. Inspired by my own fabric stash, tutorials and inspiration online, the book Quilt Improv and the fabric swap I’m in of course. I opened my plastic boxes of tiny fabric scraps and threads, and started to piece things together randomly […]

Inspiration | 5 Artistic Craft Ideas

What about some paper weaving, fabric appliqu, making your own twine and then decorating some envelopes? Today’s link love will lead you to five artistic craft ideas that I think are awesome and worth your time. So remember: Too much of a good thing can be wonderful. Mae West Five Awesome Craft Ideas A Weaving […]

The Urge to Sew Scrappy Pouches

Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are. Marianne Williamson I love scraps! Not only the paper scraps I use all the time, but fabric scraps too. I think I collect them. And pet them, but don’t tell anyone. I love how scraps let’s you mix […]

The Pink Fabric Bead Workshop

Green nail polish and super quick, that is my friend Madde. It’s her swift hands you see on the photos above. I don’t know anybody who crafts with such fury! Today she wrote a post about the pink workshop I held when we were in Gotland last week.. I think the word is spreading all […]

Fabric flower inspiration

Thank you for all your well wishes and comments on my New Year Resolutions post. I was so surprised that so many had the time to read through that long rambling of words and very happy that it meant something and maybe helped some of you to set new goals and make some resolutions! Resolutions […]