A Second Hand Cat

The yarn eating cat

Purl wrote a blog post about katzenbloggers recently, it was a fun read. I’ve also talked earlier about how lots of people around blog world have cats . They’re the perfect studio companions for crafters, artists and bloggers alike. Especially noticing this now that I have a cat, and I have to admit that I’ve become one of “those people” who wants to let everyone see how beautiful our new cat is. It is just so fun to be cat owned…

Today’s Studio Friday theme is robots, and all I could come up with was my cat… At least we have total control over her if we beam her around with the laser beamer. She runs all over the floor, bed, furniture and tables if we show her that little red dot. She gets crazy. You might thing she would hate it, since she never can get to it. But she loves to chase it around and tries to catch it all the time! I love having a cat, she cheers me up infinitely.

(More not-robots: I also took a photo of the only other thing that might resemble a robot in my studio. And I also have a Elvis Robot ATC framed on the wall from René).

Room with a view

Before we got our cat (4th of April this year!) I was surfing for cats and cat related things a lot. Like a couple of hours every day! If I were rich I would’ve gotten her a cute cat tent or a furry cat bed and for me a subscription for “Your cat Magazine”, to read more about how cats behave and what they need. I’m a sucker for information and love doing research.

I was surfing the net for breaded cats, and visited these cute kittens that costs 5000 SEK each. But instead of getting an expensive kitten I waited and found a “second hand cat” that was a grown up lady with no kitty issues (no pee in the bed, no flower eating, no stealing food etc. etc) that cost 100 SEK instead of 5000! I’m so glad I waited for her – she is purrfect!

Playing cat photo by Hanna Andersson

And she is so well behaved that I’m amazed by her. She has lived with us for a month and I have no scratches on my hands at all, even though I’ve played with her every day. She doesn’t use her claws when catching my hand. She lets me brush her fur, she lets me clean her nose and comes (most of the time) when I call her. She follows me around in the house. When I change room to do something else she gets up from her resting place and follows me to the next room!

We’ve been practicing walking in a leach, and she is very good at it now. She hasn’t panicked for over a week and she follows me if I wait for her to want to. Soon it’s time to take a walk outside and look at the birds behind our house. I know she wants to, and I want to see how she likes it. Until that time I let her wear her leash when I’m sitting on the balcony. I’m afraid to let her loose there. She will jump to the railing and might fall to the ground. Ick!


I was talking about money, right? As a student for another year I have to find cheaper ways than cat tents and the trip to Key West I’d like to make (where Hemingway’s house is and there is an abundant of cats on his old estate)… Both for me, and my cat.

I read an article on How to love your cat – Without shredding your bank account at a site called Stretcher (edit: it no longer exist). A great site if you need to save money (don’t we all?). They also have a whole section of articles about hobbies, like how you can scrap on a budget, how to finally find a use for junk mail and finding inexpensive yarn. That last one reminds me of a site here in Sweden, the superb site Billigt garn that has loads and loads of ideas on how to get cheap (sheep) yarn.

Personally I love to browse Tradera for yarn but rarely buy anything. I have too much already – I just need to learn not to put it where my own yarn killing cat can find it!

Do you have a cat in your life too? Then check out my cat-egory of crafts for cats now.

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  1. your cat is precious! your ‘lazer robot’ is too funny! Our dog will chase for HOURS until she can’t move! A nice robot when you want to entertain them from sitting down! :)
    Have a lovely Weekend!!
    ~ Gabi

  2. Your kitty is adorable! I wish I could get my two to walk on a leash. Thanks for the link to the knitting bloggers with cats, something else to join :)

  3. I also waited and bought a *second hand*cat. Trassel and I are still a little scared of each other, but yesterday she, the dog and I went for a walk! Pictures on Flickr.

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