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On my desk right now

November in Sweden this year has been horrible gray. Where I live there has been gray skies for weeks on end. It feels like the fog never lifts, and it gets dark around three o’clock. The first few weeks we had a record low of 2 hours of sunshine! Yeah, it’s been bad, and I feel it in my entire body. Not even the prospect of making something cheers me up and the blog posts I have written have been few and far apart… I just want to go to sleep. But this week I finally spread out the vintage postcards I had started… and finished them. Again, dear deadline, thanks for being there for me!

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Diamond Stitch & Neon Stars

Yay! I finished my second Diamond Stitched Art Journal of the year. I am really digging this binding (I used pink book binding thread of course). I like gluing the cover together, I like sewing in the signatures, and I love using this kind of art journal. Love it!

Diamond Stitched Neon Stars Art Journal made by iHanna

I really think that making my own personal Art Journals is awesome. They couldn’t be more custom made!

For the cover I choose a white oil cloth fabric, decorated with orange neon colored stars. Yup, I did. Saw it at the fabric store, had to have it – and have already used a small part of it for this cover. I think you’ll have to agree with me that it’s delicious, right? Neon, still digging it.

Brown Paper Bag pages inside, Art Journal  made by iHanna

And as previously demonstrated brown paper bags makes perfect journal pages, in combination with lots of white watercolor paper waiting for layers and layers of paint or course. Not sure if I will add anything to the printed paper bag pages, but maybe I will write around the edges…

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Collecting Christmas Papers

Collecting Christmas Papers

Right now my desk is filled with paper projects. It’s the end of the year feelings, where I go through boxes of stuff and decide on what I want to work on, finish, or leave behind. It’s a way of clearing the plate for new ideas coming January I guess. In the process, I’ve found wrapping paper and Christmas related imagery en masse in my stash. I have a special folder for Christmas imagery that I have collected or been given. Mosty I keep it there because I don’t want to look at it all year long. But right now, it feels just perfect to bring it out and spread it out…

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The Hamster on my Head

You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not’?
George Bernard Shaw

Art Journaling: Me and hamsti selfie in my art journal,  by iHanna of
Let’s draw selfies! Much more fun and original than taking them with your cell phone!

Working on new journal with brown paper bags inside, but also in this one darling journal. There is a drawn selfie of me, with a hamster on my head. It’s from when I did baby sit a hamster a few weeks this fall:
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Book binding | Make Book Pages from a Brown paper bag

Sharing one of my book binding secrets with you guys today!

Pretty brown paper bag
Before and after

I know my plan was to mostly use watercolor papers in my next art journal, but I found all these pretty paper bags in my stash… So I thought I’d cut them down and use them in my next book binding project.

Papers are always accumulating around here, so when I find ways to cut down from the recycle pile I’m a happy gal!

And I am especially in love with the flower shop bag I got recently, with pink flowers. I think they are Twinflowers (Linnaea borealis), printed on the brown paper bag.

Cutting the brown paper bag
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Eye Candy | big puppy love

Big Nose, beautiful eyes

This is Giza, one of the Broholmer puppies that I visited last summer. She is still a puppy in some ways, but also a big dog. I love big happy dogs, whipping tail, drooling smile and all!

Giza on my bed

Naaah! She doesn’t drool. But her tail is lethal when she is excited. I wish I could’ve kept her in my bed for ever!

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Painting on Vintage Postcards

A First Start of Painting a postcard

This summer I bought a whole pile of vintage (but not sent) postcards with motifs from around Sweden. You know the kind, postcards of buildings that might be bought as souvenirs but always are so darn boring to get in the mail… No colors, no life, no humor – but these had something else going for them. All of them have these awesome deckled like edges! And the backside paper is kind of yellow from age. I love those two features, so I decided to re-purpose them into new postcards for my DIY Postcard Swap (your can still sign up to join)!

Painting on Vintage postcards

I got the idea a while back from Tina Jensen, who joined my postcard swap last year. She sent me a beautiful white postcard with white lace and a shabby chic vibe to it – totally made from a vintage postcard! I loved her idea, and wanted to try it out on my own… Continue reading

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Quick Craft: Pom-pom – pom pom poooom!

Time for a quick craft! Join me and have a ball. Because don’t you just love pom-pomps? Doesn’t everyone? I mean, what’s not to love? Fluff, color, yarn – quick craft project – kaa-baam!

Pinkpom by iHanna 2014

Anyone can do it too, and it’s perfect for kids. So if you haven’t already tried pom-pomming (as a grown up) I think you need to give this craft a try right now! Personally I love all the pom-pom craft ideas that have been swooshing before my eyes on Internet for a year or so now. There is so much fun that can be had with these balls, you can make everything from hair decorations, earrings to garlands and Christmas wreaths…

Pom-pom is derived from the French word pompon, which refers to a small yarn ball crafted out of some kind of textile material. According to wikipedia:

A pom-pom – also spelled pom-pon, pompom or pompon – is a loose, fluffy, decorative ball or tuft of fibrous material. Pom-poms may come in many colors, sizes, and varieties and are made from a wide array of materials, including wool, cotton, paper, plastic, and occasionally feathers. Pom-poms are shaken by cheerleaders and sports fans during spectator sports. Small decorative pom-poms may be attached to clothing; these are called toories or bobbles.

I got myself a pom-pom making kit and thought I’d show you how easy it is to use. It’s not like you need a tutorial, but a tutorial can also inspire you (or kick your ass) to get started.

Pom pom Making Tutorial using one of those pompom-makers

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Spotted Photo Theme: Street Art

välkommen in

November’s Spotted Photo Theme is Street Art, or what we spot as we walk through urban environment. A bit of contrast welcome after last month’s theme: nature, though of course my nature was full of concrete. And you’ll see lots of concrete in this post too!

I love the idea of streets filled with art, and my own aesthetics leans towards graffiti, decay and layer upon layer of color… Wabi-sabi if you will. So obviously I see it as art, and when I spot it I documented it with my camera. How about you? Do you ever photograph street art?

Love graffiti

My photos are from around Sweden (mostly taken in Umeå). Some are more artistic than others, maybe even paid for, some are made in the darkness of night: destructive and ugly, by bored kids with nothing better to do. But in some way they’ve appealed to me, always on the look for beauty, even in the ugly… I hope you like ‘em.

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Art Journal Peek: Find your Passion

Art Journal Detail: Label it, by iHanna of

When you find your passion, keep at it! That’s what I wrote on that little label in my Art Journal. I believe in it. And it sounds easy, but it’s not. Especially if you’re anything like me, and are passioned about a gazillion things… How do you divide your time between it all? How do you even divide the pages in your art journal when you want to add in everything?

Art Journal detail: Duck, by iHanna of

Some keep lots of different art journals and notebooks, and divide them into themes and mediums and periods of time. I try not to do that too much. Even having two art journals makes me feel divided in half, and end up spending less time with either of the journals than I do when I just have one. I want one catch-it-all journal most of the time. But for Christmas, I’m thinking I want to create another Christmas journal this year, because I have a lot of “stuff” for it piling up… Who wants to join me?

Anyway. I have been adding in collage, sketches, mixed media painting and writing into the same spread, sometimes the same page in this journal.

I’m a fan of overstuffed pages, where you find new details the more you look…

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