Eye Candy | Flower Power

I believe in flower power – the power of nature in garden form.

There is so much beauty outdoors right now that I find it hard to sit down by the computer to write a blog post or two, even though I as usual have a lot I really want to communicate and share with you guys… Summer is the best time to photograph my work, because the light is amazing – but it’s the worst time to write about it since I can’t see the screen of my laptop outdoors. ;-)

A little beetle friend - photo by Hanna Andersson @ihanna #sweden

When I am inside I also feel some real resistens to working by the computer. I want to go outside. Or indoors I’d rather read a book, paint or doodle – away from the computer. But I just had to share a bit of the wonderful summer eye candy that I’ve been collecting this past week. The flower power is strong this summer…

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Opening Up to Inspiration

I don’t like to pack, because it makes me antsy. I start thinking about all the things I haven’t finished yet, and that I now will have to prospone. No matter how many fun and exciting reasons I had for wanting to go traveling, I get antsy when it’s time to pack. All I really want to do is go back to bed, and forget about the trip… Can you relate?

Opening Up to inspiration - photos by @ihanna #inspiration #sweden

I’m so happy I sometimes forget this angst and plan trips anyway. Because when I’m away, I find new inspiration, new energy. Once I’m on the road, all the worries usually settles and I’m fine. But before that, it’s like I never want to go anywhere ever in my entire life! But alas, I have to leave and once I’m out the door I forget about home, work, unwritten blog posts and dirty dishes…

I open up to the possibility that everything is as it should be, and that just feels lovely. Ah!

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Video where I’m romanticizing Dalarna, Sweden

A visit to Dalarna - video on my blog www.ihanna.nu #sweden #dalarna #dalahäst

This week I’m taking a course to play with free form embroidery. But last summer, we took a road trip to the Swedish area Dalarna to do some touristing in our own country. The real reason was an embroidery exhibition called Traces of Life, which you can also see in this clip. But mostly I shot some video at the dala horse “factory”, because it’s always so fascinating to see the Dala Horses get painted by hand…

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Experimenting with Index Card Art

In the beginning of June I shared that I was joining the summer challenge index-card-a-day, an Index Card Art Project open to everyone, and since then I have (almost) daily posted a painted index card to my instagram account and to my Facebook page Studio iHanna. Yay me, right?

Today I’m sharing my thoughts about this project, My Struggles and Success Story, and most of my painted cards. I hope I can inspire you to join is for July, or just start a daily creative practice for yourself, what ever it may be. Summer is a good time to do this, because the weather will help you along by being all bright and happy.

Index card first 1,5 week of June by @ihanna #icad

If you want to cultivate a habit, do it without any reservation, till it is firmly established. Until it is so confirmed, until it becomes a part of your character, let there be no exception, no relaxation of effort. Mahavira

I really wish I could say that I paint daily and effortlessly all the time…

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Learn the 21 Secrets of Art Journaling

I really love doing collage in my Art Journal, because it combines two of my biggest passions. Art Journaling and Collage! As one of the teachers in 21 Secrets online workshop fall 2015 I got to talk about art journal collage in my video segments, so if you want to see how I do it, I recommend you to check those videos out.

When you get the workshop 21 SECRETS Fall 2015 (or spring though I’m not in that class) you will get an eBook containing 21 different workshops/teachers providing video, photos, tutorials, inspiration and images for their workshops. Right now there is a flashback sale for 21 SECRETS Spring & Fall 2015, but you’ve got to act quick. It ends on Friday already!

21 Secrets Flash Sale ends Friday

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Inspiration to draw a Geometric Mandala

I am drawn to circles as many of us are, and I want to draw them everywhere. A Mandala is a circle that you can fill with whatever you want. Though the ones that are at least a little bit geometric are the easiest to recognize as mandalas. They grow from a circle in the center and build up to become a beautiful meditation on nature, life or anything you want!

With the inspiration of Kathryn Costa’s book The Mandala Guidebook, that I just reviewed on the blog, and my new and beautiful two-edged pencils that my friend brought me from her recent trip to Barcelona, I decided to draw a geometric mandala!

My Gaudí­ colored pencils - blog post on mandalas by @ihanna #drawing

The straight line belongs to men, the curved one to God. Antoni Gaudi

I’m not religious, but I see the divinity of the circle of course. I get where Mr Gaudí, with the quote above, came from. Also, as a side note, since my friend went to Barcelona, I’ve been googling Antoni Gaudi’s mosaic creations – and I’m in love. I love the look of mosaic so much! I will try my best to squeeze in one or two mosaic projects this summer (the flower pot I made is still a favorite in my window), because traveling abroad is not in the budget this year which means I can’t just book a trip and go see the Gaudí Park no matter how much I want to… I’m on staycation. I’ve got to keep entertaining myself at home with my creativity.

Today: drawing a geometric mandala!

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The Mandala Guidebook: How to draw, paint and color expressive mandala art

The mandala craze that started a few years ago on the internet is everywhere these days. There are plenty of pretty mandala coloring books to chose from if coloring is your thing, but how do you get started if you want to create your own mandala – or develop the ones you are already drawing? One idea is getting Kathryn Costa’s book The Mandala Guidebook: How to draw, paint and color expressive mandala art. And that is actually a very good idea, if you ask me.

Book review of The Mandala Guidebook

I just read this book, and I can totally recommend anyone wanting to draw and doodle more, to check it out! Here’s my review.

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Personalizing a Watercolor Box

Watercolors are commonly stored in a boring looking black metall box bought in the store…But does it need to be so… black? …so boring? …so store bought looking? I say: nay! Let’s personalize it and make it more fun!

Creating a personalized iHanna watercolor box by iHanna

When I got the idea to personalize my new, bigger waterclor box, I decided to bring out the spray paint. Because, why not? I love spray painting stuff to make them more my own, and by covering my watercolor box I totally transformed it into a very iHanna-like box of joy!

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Getting into Creating on Index Cards Again

Index Cards are not the best substrate to create on, if you ask me. It’s not good for most wet media and the index card I bought yesterday are super flimsy and thin… But all that aside, I am joining the index-card-a-day challenge, ICAD, to create “something” on one index card each day for the rest of the month (and maybe I’ll do it in July too). Why you ask? Isn’t that just stupid? I argue the opposite!

I can Creating on Index Cards, and You Can Creating on Index Cards - #ICAD time!

I joined ICAD back in 2011 and found many reasons to like it then. This year I’m joining to challenge myself to let go of expectations. I also could not resist the fun happening in the Facebook groups and in the Circle this year! I need a bit of community and something to spark new ideas. So I today I pored myself a cup of tea, for the first time since winter, and brought out my acrylic paints…

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Make Something (on an Index Card Perhaps) | May Inspiration en Masse

There are so many things that you can make yourself, and sometimes all you need to make something is a bit of inspiration… So that’s what I’ll try today, to provide a bit of inspiration mostly found on YouTube. There are so much yummy stuff there!

Though, before we start, I just have to share this:

Stockholm Schoolism May 2016

iHanna Loves this Schoolism is coming to Stockholm – next weekend, and I’m going there! I’m super excited about learning about character design and storytelling from some of the masters of our time. It’s not something I would’ve ever signed up for myself, but when sharing the event on my Facebook page, I won the two day jam packed workshop event taking place in Stockholm! Talk about being excited!

Woohoo, feeling the luck!

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