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It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams because they grow old, they grow old because they stop pursuing dreams.”
Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez

iHanna's Creative Life in Art journaling and a Time Capsule Video, on

It has been such lovely weather this entire week, my birthday week. And now Easter is here, with family time and bird chirping in the trees outside my window. I am wishing you a very Happy Easter with this very yellow and springish video:

Let me know what you think of this in the comment section below!

I have started a new embroidery, painted a yellow daffodil inside my art journal, blown soap bubbles, decorated eggs, opened presents, eaten favorite food and yummy candy… And today I made my first time capsule video! Capturing a few moments of my everyday life, that I felt like sharing online. April sunshine in Sweden, etcetera. I am of the opinion that “right now” is a great moment to remember and document in all kinds of ways. To document the things that make my happy through video also makes me happy. Happier than if not. It’s something I used to do a lot many years ago, but then forgot about when video cameras and VHS tapes went out of fashion… Now when both my cameras and my iPhone can capture moving pictures digitally I think I need to start using what’s available more! It really is easier than ever to capture video these days, so why don’t we do that more often? It is like creating magic. It makes you the director of your own life.

I don’t want to make feature length movies, just a little of this and that. Things that make me happy, showing creative play and good times. Last Friday I posted a video tutorial on ring binders, and today’s video I’m calling Living a Creative Life… So fun to make.

I actually have several snippets of video on my computer, mostly shoot from the phone’s camera. Snippets of life that I never even watched. But when I find them and take a look, they make me happy I shoot them. I’m going to render them into something, save the files in a folder where I can watch them and share them with my family. And maybe more video with you guys, if you find it inspiring…

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Postcard Storage Binder with Dymo Labels

DIY Postcard Binder

I love ring binders, especially these tiny ones that I have made for myself! Last week I posted a video tutorial on how you can make a custom-sized ring binder too, using a vintage book cover. I’m sure you can come up with lots of fun things to add into yours, like loose leaf journaling, handmade postcards (that’s what I use mine for) or maybe your DIY Calendar or maybe use as a Life Planner… I have got three of these green beauties now. I call them “Postcard Binders” because I store my handmade postcards in them.

One of my Postcard Binder

Recently I took last year’s swap haul down from my Inspiration Board, to make room for new ideas and inspiration coming in. I use my hole punch without hesitation and add in every postcard I have gotten into one of the ring binders. Continue reading

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Good Mail Day – A primer for Making Eye Popping Postal Art

Book review time again! Let’s dive into a book called Good Mail Day, written by Jennie Hinchcliff and Carolee Gilligan Wheeler.

Book review of Good Mail Day

This book came out in 2009, so you might have already seen it, and I hope you have. But I just bought it on Amazon and read it with much joy last week. It was such a great book that I wanted to write about it – in case some of you missed it for some reason…

Good Mail Day –  A primer for Making Eye Popping Postal Art is one of those books where I feel inspired to act – on almost every single page! Inspiring books are great, but when they “inspire to act” that is the highest grade you can give a craft or art book. Because it shows that the author has succeeded with the intent to effect (and inspire) your life in some way… Continue reading

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Dear Photo Diary | Creative Snaps

Crocheting Spring

Spring colors are singing inside of me. So I am gathering them up around me too. I’ve decorated white envelopes but have yet to make Easter cards, not sure there will be time to send any out at all. Continue reading

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Why pay to be in a Postcard Swap

I am charging a small fee for participation in the postcard swap that I host. But why would you pay to be in a Postcard Swap you might ask? You’re making the postcards and paying for the postal stamps, right? You’re the one doing all the job! So it’s a good question that I want to address today.

Here are two big reasons to to pay to be part of the fun of this particular swap (and other swaps too)…

Why you should pay to be in iHanna's awesome DIY Postcard Swap - and why so many others have paid over the years... It's awesome! :-)

The quick and easy answer could be: Why wouldn’t you pay for a service that is provided for you? Although of course you might not think of it as a service. So let me tell you, when you’re signing up to join my swap, you’ll have me taking care of all the boring stuff for you!

1. It is a service

This swap has always been 100 people or bigger, mostly because my blog is well read. Each person that signs up will be paired with 10 others from around the world, get their addresses on a specific date – sent to the correct e-mail. That’s my job, all you have to do is lean back and check your e-mail (and maybe your spam folder too). On top of that I answer questions, provide inspiration, and try to help when something goes wrong. I create a link up and swap buttons for bloggers, give away free postcard backsides, write blog posts and share my own process, all in the hopes to inspire you.

With more than 100 people joining I juggle a lot of names, e-mails, and addresses. Compared to how many hours of work this takes to arrange it’s a very low fee. Also:
Continue reading

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Video tutorial: How to create a Ring Binder

Video tutoria by iHanna: How to create your own ring binder from a vintage book cover - at #diy

A small, personal ring binder is the perfect storage for postcards and mail art. I so love mine, made from vintage Reader’s Digest books. The covers are all different, totally adorable, green patterns. Love!

Today I found the video files of when my dad helped me put this project together. So I edited it, added some fun music and uploaded it for your enjoyment. It’s Friday after all, so a movie is perfect, right?

Here is the video: Continue reading

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Art Journal Peek: Blue Tulips

Wanna take a peek into my art journal? I don’t mind opening it up for you guys.

Detail: Blue tulips
Detail: Night Owl

Tulips, dots, an owl drawing, watercolored. It’s night time, as you can see. The owl that lives on this page is just waking up… A page with a lot of different elements added in at different times. The last piece I added, after the pink dots, was these bold flowers:

Continue reading

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Collage is about Self-Discovery

Collage is part of a perpetual voyage of self-discovery and refinement – an intellectual grand tour through philosophies and civilizations… distilled in the “tearingness” of original edges.
Robert Motherwell

Fresh Collages 2014

My collage voyage continues with a fresh start this year, and lots of inspiration to explore new possibilities. It’s a few months after my big project of making 365 collages last year, and I am finally finding my way back to collage. I have started digging through boxes of pretty papers, thinking about collages and gluing things down on my usual square substrate.

Here are the first four collages that I have made this year.
Continue reading

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Share Your Creative Process & DIY Postcards

Share your postcards and your creative process here!

Have you signed up for iHanna’s DIY Postcard Swap yet? You can still join, and there is plenty of time to make ten awesome postcards.

If you’ve already started please share your blog post link below! Bookmark this post and come back to it later too, to visit others to learn, be inspired and leave encouraging comments.

Link love guidelines:

  1. You can add links to any post related to the DIY Postcard Swap 2014 here, and come back to check what other’s have added in.
  2. Link to the specific post, not your main blog.
  3. Please grab the {diy postcard swap} button and link back to me somewhere on your blog.
  4. Please check out some links before you leave and give others some comment love.
  5. I would love for you to become a subscriber to this blog and/or gave the facebook page a thumbs up-visit
  6. Have fun!

We’d love to know how you make your postcards! What is your creative process like? Are handmade postcards new to you, or maybe you swap all the time? Please do tell, on your blog or in the comment section here!

If you have questions check the FAQ first, then contact me and I’ll try to help you in anyway I can.

Have a great week!

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Finding my way back to Collage

Collage papers

After the huge project of making 365 Collages last year, I took the first three months of from collage making. It was not intentionally, and I didn’t plan for it. When I finished the project I still felt a huge love for collage making – but obviously I needed a break. During the break I’ve made other artistic stuff, mostly drawing and painting, but also some embroidery!
Continue reading

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