Index Card Art | Layers and dots

The first week of ICAD/June is done, and I have seven freshly baked index cards to show for it. On the back of each one I do my daily journaling blurb, a little note about what I’ve done or thought about. But on the front, I’ve painted or done a playful little collage this week.

ICAD day 3 index card by iHanna #icad2019
June three – painted polka dots.

Please DO waste art materials. Use paper. Empty paint jars. Deplete pens. If it’s teaching you stuff, it’s not being wasted.
Danny Gregory

Working on index cards again reminds me of summer’s past, when I’ve done the same. It brings back memories and images I’d almost forgotten. It’s such a lovely little thing to do…

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ICAD – irresistible challenge and it’s doable too

ICAD could stand for irresistible challenge, right? At least it seams that that’s what it is to me. Irresistible. And quite doable too. Those of us who has tried it, can not resist being pulled back in and doing it year after year. But ICAD stands for “index card a day”. It’s an art challenge on index cards.

ICAD - Index Card A Day all summer long

And in case you’re scratching your head, wondering what the heck index cards are, they are those writing cards you could make registers with at the office, mostly before we had computers… My favorite are ruled, with a red divider line at the top for “title” of your card. There’s blank ones too, but that’s kind of cheating to me. What I love about them is that they’re office supplies that nobody thought to use before Tammy, who invented this challenge, did. I love that!

You can still buy index cards in good book stores or office supplies shops (or online where you’ll find a bigger selection of white, colored or even neon index cards! ), but around here we just use them for play and art.

Daily art, during June and July.

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Opening up for Happy Mail

In my blog post On the Receiving End I showd a few of the postcards I got in the DIY postcard swap
last year (you can still join today – don’t miss out!). Here are the rest from that lovely pile of postcards that I received:

DIY Postcard created by Julia for iHanna's DIY Postcard Swap Fall 2018
DIY Postcard created by Julia, who sent her postcard out in an equally beautifully decorated envelope. I even got a “bonus postcards”, which I find hilarous:

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Creating a new Traveler’s Notebook Art Journal

I am all over the place with Art Journaling. Or not at all, I’m not sure. I am not really working consistently in the different books I have going at the moment, so I should concentrate on just one or two I guess…

Collage Time ep 2: Creating a new traveler's notebook Art Journal for collage

Maybe I need to finish those ongoing art journals or simply be more concentrated by working in just one at a time, like I used to do when I first started art journaling. But instead of writing about my struggles with being consistent and the sometimes confusing maintenance of living an artistic life, I’m doing the opposite. I’m starting in a new notebook! Because, heh, it’s fun.

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On the Receiving End

So in the last DIY Postcard Swap, which was last year, I got a bunch of cool postcards and shared them as they came in on my Facebook page Studio iHanna, but not on the blog. So I thought I’d go ahead and make a blog post to show you what kind of awesome postcards you might get if you sign up for the spring version of DIY Postcard Swap – it’s still open!

The pure joy of receiving DIY Postcards in the mail box

And as much as I love making my own postcards for this swap, I also love getting happy mail for a few weeks each year, as I’m not only a hostess but a participant. Being on the receiving end is awesome!

Here’s the first postcard from last year;

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Collage Time: Cover of my Book Notes Notebook + video

I think it’s about developing a system to create. Once the creative habit is there, the possibilities are endless.
Crystal Moody

I have always been a voracious reader, devouring books like candy. I probably read a lot more on my younger years, but still I would feel really strange if I didn’t have a novel “going” at any give time. A book that I can pick up and dive into when I have time to read (even if it’s not always every day). These days the phone is in the way a lot, but then again, I love listening to audio books, so with a subscription app in the phone, at least I can “read” while out walking or when I’m painting…

Taking notes on what I read in this TN

Anyway, what I wanted to tell you today is that along with reading, I’ve kept a list of “read books” since I was a kid. Then I had a printed one line reading journal, now I pick the nearest notebook and number each book as I finish it. I write down author, title, and date finished, and sometimes I write a little blurb about the content, a review, or thoughts I had while reading the book. Last year my list was in this simple brown Traveler’s Notebook, and this year I’m staying in the same notebook, although I finally got around to decorating the cover with a bit of bookish collage.

Which means, it’s collage time!

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DIY Postcard Swap spring 2019

Give your own creativity time and power by deciding to be creative this month. Maybe a push in the right direction could be to sign up for my postcard swap? It will give you a goal of what to make and when to finish (end of May), and then it will continue to give in June, as postcards from others starts arriving at your door step (or mail box)!

Doesn’t it sound like fun?

Oh great, because it is time once again to sign up for the awesome DIY Postcard Swap spring 2019 edition. Yay! Go here to sign up.

Sign up for iHanna:s DIY Postcard Swap Spring 2019

If you’re new to this, please allow me to tell you a little about this swap and provide you with some inspiration…

The most regretful people on earth are those who felt the call to creative work, who felt their own creative power restive and uprising, and gave to it neither power nor time.
Mary Oliver

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Blogoversary | 15 YEARS of blogging life

I am not great with math, but I think the 24th of April this little blog ‘o mine turned fifteen years! Yes, 15 YEARS. If nothing else, you must admit I am tenacious and persistent. I just won’t be easily dispelled.

Blogoversary time for Studio iHanna's Blog

Some years I have done blogged and done bigger celebrations about the “blog’s birthday” (#blogoversary), other years I forgot all about it. And even though the real date for the Blogoversary has passed with a few days, I feel I just can’t let the moment totally pass without acknowledge the importance of it in some way.

So here we are…

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Experimental Portraits | Time-lapse Video

Make action a habit. Dont wait until things are just right. There is never a perfect time to begin. There is only now. Expect that things will be difficult. Know that there will be setbacks. Remember how strong you are. Expect to succeed anyway. When you take action fear fades and confidence rises.
Tess Marshall

Watch the time-lapse video of Experimental portraits being painted by iHanna

In March I painted little portraits in my little journal. I am not a portrait painter, so I was in no way aiming to paint anything realistic. Instead I’ve experimented with colors, forms and different ways to start.

I filmed every time I sat down to paint, and I’m hoping that my approach might help loosen you up as well, to try some experimental portraits yourself. As grown ups we are afraid of failing, of creating something ugly and flawed, and nothing is as intimidating as trying to draw someone’s face. It almost never looks like them, right?

Instead of imagining the worst, try to ignore what your brain is telling you about what a “successful portrait” must look like. Who cares what others think of it? Have fun!

Remember the important parts; like the 2 eyes, 1 mouth and a nose, and play with placement, size and what details to add. Let it be “just for fun” and maybe exaggerate one eye (very big or very small or very narrow) so you don’t have to struggle with making the eyes exactly the same. That’s so hard anyway! This is what I did, and it was fun!

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Painting a lot of Hearts | Time-lapse video

Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.
Paramahansa Yogananda

All through February I have been painting colorful hearts in my little notebook. I could probably continue for a while longer, because there is no end to the ways you can portray something that has meaning to you…

Painting Hearts - watch the time-lapse videos of all of these on my blog

Each time I sat down to doodle, draw, paint or splatter paint on the page I filmed the process in time-lapse mood. I have shared some of these already on instagram (where I’m iHannas if you want to follow along there), but I also saved each one and made a compilation video, showing all of them in chronological order.

I hope it will inspire you to bring out your colors. What you paint doesn’t have to be hearts, it can be anything. But allow your ideas to evolve for a while. Create a series of work, that comes from your heart. Continue reading

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