Painted Postcards | Happy Greetings Postcards

All my Painted Postcards are finished and ready to be sent out. The last day to sign up for the DIY Postcard Swap is October 22, and after that I’m sitting down and sending out your addresses. And writing addresses on my own postcards too of course. Yay!

I am so excited that so many of you have joined this year! I’ve spotted some wonderful postcards on Instagram, and shared a few of them over on my FB Page.

My pile of postcard (Photo and art by Hanna Andersson a.k.a. iHanna, Sweden) #mailart

I’ve already shared eight of my own postcards (here and here) and today I’m sharing the last two plus two extras with some happy greetings. I really like how most of my postcards turned out, and wanted to share them as individual pieces and turned right, not just as I painted them four on a piece of paper. They’re in a yummy pile on my table right now, waiting for stamps and addresses.

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Princess Postcards | Be You, Be Happy, Be Awesome

Today I’ve got four Princess Postcards to share, painted in the series of Happy Girl Postcards. All my Painted Postcards are finished, but I’m sharing just the princess ones today. I would love to know which of these you like best – and why? Share in the comments below please.

I think most of us painted princesses as kids, or dressed up as princesses? What girl wouldn’t like to dress and party like a princess, at least for a few days?

DIY Postcard | Just wanted to say hi to you (Photo and art by Hanna Andersson a.k.a. iHanna, Sweden) #mailart
Princess Postcard no 1: Just wanted to say hi, by iHanna.

These days I think of princesses not as helplessly waiting to be rescued by a prince, but as empowering pictures of a strong girl with a will of her own. A modern day princess does as she pleases, without permission from anyone. At least that’s what my princesses are about.
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Painted Postcards | Kindness and Love

All the Painted Postcards are finished! I really like how they turned out, and wanted to share them as individual pieces and turned right, not just as I painted them four on a piece of paper.

Painted Postcards | Sending you a big hug (Photo and art by Hanna Andersson a.k.a. iHanna, Sweden) #mailart
So here we go! Painted postcard no 1 above, by me iHanna: Kram.

Kram is Swedish and means Hug, which is something I don’t mind sending out and giving. I think everyone could need a hug from time to time, don’t you?

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DIY Post Card Video + Download the Swap Tracker

Today I’m sharing a post card video that I’m rather proud of. In it you’ll see everything from me painting post cards to printing and cutting out the backsides. I hope you’ll like the video, as well as the tracker I made for you guys!

Download the new free printable postcard swap tracker

Well, the tracker is for those of you participating in the DIY Postcard Swap I host, and yes you can still sign up and have time to make your postcards.

I designed a fun one page Post Card Swap Tracker with hope that participants will enjoy it and find it useful to keep organized. It’s easy to just print and fill in. I explain a bit about it in the video below, which is the second video I made this week!

The first one you can watch here, it’s about the fab Art Journal Le Jardin Lime that I’m giving away. Please join the giveaway in one or all the ways there is to enter. And don’t forget that by sharing the swap or the giveaway on Instagram you’re also entered, which I know some of you already did. Thank you!

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3 Fun Things: Art Journal Giveaway + New Video + Creative Actions

There’s so many awesome and fun things happening right now that my brain is about to explode! I’ve got the DIY Postcard Swap still open and people from all over the world are joining every day. Tomorrow I’m sending out a new Newsletter, and I just finished editing two videos (one more being uploaded tomorrow along with a free swap tracker I designed – I hope you’ll really love using it!) and today I’m launching my first giveaway for a very long time!
Giveaway on iHanna's blog RIGHT NOW #win #artjournal


Fun thing no 1: The Giveaway

By signing in and doing some fun activities in the app below, you will get “points” in the random draw for a hand bound, hard cover Art Journal called The Jardin Lime Journal. The giveaway is open until 21 October, and you can enter every day until then! Try your luck below (click here if you can’t see the giveaway app):

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Making postcards from Scratch – Part 3: Happy Girl Postcards

I have painted mostly Happy Girl Postcards as you will see in this part of Making a postcard from Scratch. It is Part 3: Adding details, a focal point or words to your DIY Postcards. The Finishing Touches that is. In part 1 we got started and in part 2 we picked some background colors. Now it’s time to start adding in details.

Just remember, this is one way to make a mixed media postcard, not the way. There are no right or wrong here (well, if you totally copy someone else’s style that might not be so great). If you try your best at making it your own, I don’t think you can go wrong with your mixed media Postcards.

How to make mixed media Postcards (Photo and art by Hanna Andersson a.k.a. iHanna, Sweden) #mailart

Trust your instinct and go for it!

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Flying Tiger Traveler’s Notebooks

Every time I’m in Stockholm I visit a shop called Flying Tiger Copenhagen. It’s a chain store of cheap but cute Danish design originating from Copenhagen. I first discovered a store in Gothenburg, but for a few years now we’ve had one in central Stockholm and a few others popping up around here in suburb malls. Yay!

New Flying Tiger Traveler's Notebooks blogged by iHanna #flyingtiger #flyingtigercopenhagen

I like it because they sell cheap, cute and fun designs for home decorating, kitchen, toys but best of all, they have a big variety of stationary and notebooks. Maybe it’s not the highest quality on some of their things, but I still like it. I always enjoy browsing through everything new there, and picking out a couple of pens or a pad of patterned paper.
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Making Postcards from Scratch – Part 2: Painting a Mixed Media Background

I am painting a colorful Mixed Media Background, join me as we continue with our postcards today. In this part 2 of Making Postcards from Scratch we’re going to create Mixed Media Postcard backgrounds, and I’ll also share some other fun Postcard Ideas to try. Read part one here if you missed it, and join me in making ten awesome postcard to swap out. I would be delighted if you brought out your paint brushes and joined me.

Painting Postcards - part 2 of Making Postcards from Scratch (A tutorial series by Hanna Andersson a.k.a. iHanna) #mailart

The gesso I added in part 1 of Making a postcard from Scratch is now dry, and I’m ready to start painting. I decided to paint my postcards this year, but there are many fun techniques and things you can do on a postcard. I’ve got a lot of suggestions you could try at the end of this post, if acrylics isn’t for your.

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Hello October, Time for Hygge and all things Cozy

Hello October, time for hygge, a blog post from iHanna #danish #swedish

Goodbye September, Hello October!
I hope you’ll be productive, happy & give me plenty of time for cut & paste, embroidery, making postcards for the swap & for painting. And dear October month, send some autumnal sunshine my way, thanks. I mean rain is great but we don’t need it every day, huh?! Also, time to imagine and dream…

Indulge your imagination in every possible flight.
Jane Austen

I’m avoiding my usual “fear of darkness” quite well this autumn, at least so far (I sometimes worry that it’s going to be a horrible, cold period coming, but when winter comes I also remember how beautiful the snow and cold can be).

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Get Started | Make a Postcard from Scratch

It’s time to make postcards, don’t you agree? Here I’m making a postcard from Scratch – Part 1: Getting started.

Making postcards is not difficult. Anyone can do it, and with a bit of effort, I think you’ll love the postcards you make yourself even more than store bought ones. They are more personal, more meaningful and more fun to send out because you’ve made them yourself.

Vintage Post Card backside (1 cent postal)

If you’re feeling lost on where to start when making postcards, I thought we could get started together. It always feels more fun when you’re creating along with other creative souls, don’t you agree?

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