Arting in the Art Journal

Paint and vellum

When you work in book format, like an Art Journal, or any notebook, each page is a creation on its own. You can tear it out and frame it if you want to, but the point of it is not to display it. The point of it all, is the act of making it. Sometimes it is a lot about moving on from there to the next thing. Sometimes it is about finding enjoyment in what you just made.

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Knitted Neon Socks

Knitted Neon Socks

I am in love with neon colors, so when I spotted some neon yarn I bought it. This sock yarn has all of the neon colors: pink, orange, cerise, yellow & green – in the same ball of yarn.

I started knitting a pair of socks for myself in May, finished them this summer and now the threads have been bind too.

It’s autumn, and time to wear these beauties!

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Dear Photo Diary | the details of daily life

The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.
William Morris

Rolls of Pretty Papers

There are so much beauty everywhere. I was at a color workshop this morning where the teacher told us that “seeing is about knowing that the light comes in to the eye socket and bla-bla-blaaa…” I don’t think that is very interesting to think about. There is science and there is inner truth. Sometimes they are not the same.

What I believe: Seeing is about noticing what is worth noticing. Taking an interest in the details of daily life… There is so much happiness in seeing beauty. Like the rolls of paper in my paper collection.

And everywhere at home, I collect bits of pretty, bright, cute and interesting, often full of color and joy:

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Hello Acrylics, Hello painted grid

Acrylic paint and a glue stick

Hello Acrylics, welcome out to play. I wish we could have a rendez vous every day you and me, but alas, it’s not happening. Actually it’s happening way too seldom these days. I know where you are and I should make time, but then it doesn’t happen. A week after thinking I should make time today and I’m still scratching my head wondering where the time went? Tss.

I need to make a decision to be more active to become the artist I want to be. But now that we’re talking about it, I feel better. And paint has meet paper, so let’s share another spread from my journal with dear readers of the iHanna Blog.

I painted squares, in a colorful grid on one of the pages of my Art Journal: Continue reading

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A Personal Abecedarium of iHanna

I will not have my life narrowed down. I will not bow down to somebody else’s whim or to someone else’s ignorance.
Bell Hooks

P en lingontuva 2006

An abecedarium (or abecedary) is an inscription consisting of the letters of an alphabet, almost always listed in order. Typically, abecedaria (or abecedaries) are an explanation of something in a way that is easy to remember. I thought perhaps one way to introduce myself to new visitors (and hopefully reveal a thing or two to current friends) would be to do an abecedarium about myself. Plus I always love to make lists, alphabetical or otherwise.

So let’s start from the beginning…

Daily Art Card 2008-12-28
A is for Art
A is for art, of course. After all always on my mind. The more I dive into art, both via painting and collage, the more I fall in love with it. I don’t have an artistic education or a degree, but I love making art, and I love how art makes me feel. How it makes me love the world more.
♥ A bit about why painting makes me happy

My little Book of Quotes B is for Books
I love all things books and text. I read novels all the time, I love to visit the library, order books from Amazon and I also review creative books on my blog. But the book form is also part of my art practice, as in filling notebooks, journaling, and binding my own books. I love the feeling of a overflowing Art Journal.
♥ Here are a few of the books I made

Make time for Creativity with the DIY Planner Printable pages + Instructions by iHanna C is for Creativity
Creativity is the feeling, action and process that encompasses almost all of the things I enjoy most. Creativity is almost a religion to me, my gospel of love. Creativity fills me up with happiness, in whatever form I find it. I wish to spread it to all corners of the world, and this blog is one of my vehicles. :-)
♥ I hope there will always be time for creativity

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Wool Owl Parade

Recycled Sweater Owl #1

In the beginning of this year I talked about the firstborn owl, and now it’s autumn again and the rest of the gang feel safe to come out of the forest to show of their gray wool feathers…

They’re all made out of felted sweaters, knitted in thick gray wool once upon a time. Hand sewn softies are the best. Plus, I love how their personality shines through.

Two wool owl friends

I enjoy planning them, sewing them and becoming their mama as I sew on the beak, eyes and wings…

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Collage: Blue Dragonflies

I don’t wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to work.
Pearl S. Buck

Collage: Come fly with Me

Collage: Come fly with Me Available here

Hello Thursday and hello dear series of dragonfly collages (continuing from this collage).

And hi there blues! Yes, that’s right. Blue! Blue as in blue colors, not the feeling (trying to shake it and move on). I have never claimed blue as mine, and it’s rare that I’m drawn to blue things except maybe blue jean and cute little smurfs. I don’t find it a very happy color, so it doesn’t cheer me on like red, yellow or green. But even though blue does not feel like a iHanna color it’s still part of my vocabulary – at times a big part of it… Continue reading

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Book of Patterns

The desire to do something because you find it deeply satisfying and personally challenging inspires the highest levels of creativity, whether it’s in the arts, sciences, or business.
Teresa Amabile

Art Journal detail: See Me

One of the themes in my current Art Journals are patterns. The past two years I’ve, without consciously thinking about it, created a lot of pattern. It wasn’t a decision, it just happened. But now that I look back, I can see the theme, much as is true with photography. Patterns emerge when you take a step back.

My Art Journal is becoming a book of patterns.

Art Journal detail: Rows of pattern

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Spotted Photo Theme: My Bridge to Nature

October’s Spotted Photo Theme is Nature! I doubt there is anyone who doesn’t love that stuff. If you have a camera you have photographed in nature at some point. I know I do it a lot. Among other things I love to notice the shifting seasons. The change of season always inspires me to go out and look at nature.

Pink Bridge

I actually found I have several photo themes inspired by nature, but the one I’ve been thinking about this month is the theme of where I live: close to a water-filled bustling canal. I wish I had a deep forest or ocean nearby but I don’t. Instead I live at the intersection of rail roads, train stations, roads, several big industrial areas and a canal where big cargo boats pass daily. It’s an intersection of traffic, and when I thought of it like that I realized how much I like those intersections. I love when nature meets the urban atmosphere. It’s even more interesting to me than, say, just greenery or water.

I love seeing architecture meet the wild, or even being overgrown by nature. I like all the structures and columns of man built bridges, roads that rise over water and ground. Love it! So that’s my theme, and because this is where I take my daily walks, this is what I often photograph.


Top of the world bridge
Nature and rust. Pavement and rain. Bridge and sky. High and low.
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Eye Candy | Details of Beauty

Striped Grass

Wishing you a beautiful weekend with some eye candy from this summer. I have so many beautiful photos in my folders, I could do this all week. Well, I won’t but I do hope you like these…

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