Homemade vegetable soup, how about that? This is a picture for Bokkanalen’s reviewer Jenny who e-mailed to tell me that her favorite thing about my blog is the category that is about food. Food Mood indeed. How strange I thought, do I have such a category? But well, I do. Food is part of my favorite Home Comforts.

Homemade vegetable soup

Jenny said I take nice food photos, and since I feel flattered I had to post another food photo, even though just from the sink.

I eat a lot of pasta and boring pre-cooked meals (meatballs!) right now, but when I do swirl in the kitchen I like to take out my camera to record how “good” I’ve been.

I saw this food episode on a TV show last week, I think it was called Kvällsöppet or something, and they made soup with potatoes and other veggies that they mashed together with a hand mixer. I remembered that my man bought a mixer at the flea market that we haven’t tried out yet, so I brought it out and made a soup! Mixed together potatoes and carrots, added water, stock cube, green pepper and white beans plus some spices. Tasted very nice.

Here are some of this months beautiful autumn pictures, since it’s Studio Friday with the theme Autumn Inspiration:

Autumn inspiration

Autumn is such a beautiful season to me, specially on days when the sun is out peeping through the multicolored leafs of the trees. One day last week when I jumped on my bike I couldn’t stop smiling, because the big yellow leafs where swirling and dancing in the air in front of me and around me in a constant flow of autumn inspiration. I think it must have been a night of frost, and when the sun came out the leafs started falling. It was pure magic as the sun rose against the sky.

The mornings comes from pitch black (when I wake up) to bright day light (when I’ve finished breakfast) in minutes right now, and at six o’clock at night the darkness is back. They are predicting snow, but I hope not yet.

Red and white

The elf that lives in this mushroom has moved to a warmer place, Florida I guess.