In the big arm chair

January’s spotted photo theme
around here is my cat Smilla! For you, if you want to join, it’s all about A favorite critter friend! Or if you dont have a pet it could be photos of a child, a gadget you treat like a pet, outdoor birds seen from your window or something small or totally different just use your imagination!

Introduction to The Spotted Photo Theme 2013, created by iHanna

New to the prompt “Spotted Photo Theme”? Then read my Introduction to the Spotted Photo Theme Idea, and feel free to join me by sharing your own theme.

Checking out the view
2006, a few days after moving in.

A photographic theme can be something that we pursue and notice when we’re out and about. Things that inspire us, like floors, doors, or windows. But it can also be us photographing what we want to document at home, like our loved ones and precious moments.

Miss Smilla

I have a gazillion Smilla photos, many I’ve posted on this blog over the years (and even a video featuring her!). She is a much loved cat! She doesn’t live with me in the apartment any more, because I work too much. Now she has more freedom as a happy outdoor cat at my parents place. I get quite sentimental looking at photos of her now. Oh I miss her so. It’s a good thing that I can visit often.

On a ordinary gray day...

Here, in this post, are a few of my favorite photos of her! Maybe now I should start thinking about making that photo book of hers…

A Creative Year - my book
Smilla everywhere, also in my book!

Smilla's quilted blanket


Diva cat


Cutest ever


Cozy girl

Smilla in freedom



Can and chair cat

Self portrait with cat

Is this for me?
I just won't bother making the bed today

PHOTO theme SPOTTED Feel free to join me! I would really really like to see your photos on this theme – if you can spot some! Post a link to your first Spotted photo Theme-post in the comments below. Thanks in advance!