Spotted Photo Theme: Animal Love

Cuteness alert!
Puppies, cats, monkey kisses, and other adorable critters ahead!

Animal Love
Introduction to The Spotted Photo Theme 2013-2014, created by iHanna

Like I mentioned earlier it’s time for a look at the themes that occur in our everyday photographs. I spot cute animals in many of the photos I’ve taken through the years, so for August I’m featuring a few of those here. Theme: Animal Love! I’m one of those people who can not pass an animal without stopping for a chat, and if possible, a scratch. I love animals, cute and strange animals. I especially like those that can take a cuddle, and the newborn ones of course. Who doesn’t adore those?
What themes do you spot in your photographs? Join the fun: Spotted Photo Theme - inspired by iHanna at
Wanna join me? New to my prompt “Spotted Photo Theme”? Then read my Introduction to the Spotted Photo Theme Idea, and feel free to post the link to your Spotted Photo Theme of the month below in the comments. Use my theme, or tweak it to fit what you have photographed. Link back to me and/or use the button.

Here are a few of the many critters I’ve met and photographed. Enjoy!

Diesel, a beautiful cat boy.

Raffe the budgie
Raffe the budgie who fell in love with him self.

Something fishy
Gold fishes.

Zlatan the bunny.

Vitnos and Anna-Maja
Vitnos, the white kitten, with Anna-Maja.

The elephant
Elephant at the Circus.

Nya vänner / New friends
Spotty the horse, and other friends of my friend Marina.

Office Puppy Övik
Office puppy.

Jocke 2007
Jocke, my grandmothers dog.

Chepe, the black cat devil, photographed when I was cat sitting last time.

Cat on a visit
Cat on a visit (read more about this grey cat and my love for animal here, a post from 2007).

And these photos are all from the past year or so:
Gotland Sheep
Gotland sheep.

Sagostigen sheep
Another sheep.

Swedish Cow & Rooster
A very Swedish cow, and a cocky rooster.

Mors lilla Olle bear
Two of my friends riding a bear!

More from my latest zoo visit:
Double kiss
♥ Getting a few curious kisses from my monkey friends. Oh what a happy moment! ♥

My newest animal friend, the hamster Santi (named after Santa Claus because he was a Christmas gift).

Puppy number 12
One of the many puppies I got to spend time with last year.

My rescue ducklings, before setting them free. And then finally two more glorious cats:

Lioness at the zoo.

And Smilla, who already is a theme all on her own.

What is your relationship with animals you meet? Or are you lucky enough to share a living space with your favorite animal?

I’d love to see your Spotted Photo Theme of Animal Love! You do not need to have a blog for it either, share them on flickr (it’s free to register) and make a folder for your theme there, then come back and share the link here! You can share your post when ever it’s ready, even if it’s weeks after this was originally posted. I will come look. Or join me next month…

The theme of September is more open: Photos of your Favorite Color! If you have a favorite color I bet you photograph it more than the other colors in the color wheel? I know I’m drawn to my favorite color, but more about that in September (my post going up Sunday 7th of September). Until then, stay creative and keep snapping with your camera!

Spotted participants so far: Tammy, Marsha, Snap, Terrie, Heather and Sandra.

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  1. There’s nothing I like more than animals! I want to hug them all. I posted my animals today. YeeHaw!

  2. Hanna, your photographs are just stunning.

    I missed doing one for Scout last year, and I am going to try it out with my new outdoor cat and Scout. I’ll put them on Flickr, since I am not blogging right now. Not sure if I know how to make a folder there. hmmm…

    Also: SMILLA!!

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