I’m at my parents house, visiting. They’ve given away the budgie Raffe and the rabbit Tsatziki, so when I first came home the house kind of felt “empty”. I always talk to the animals, and notice them. I’m just that kind of person. I talk to birds when I bike, and stop to talk to every cat I see. With animals I am a child at heart.

Cat on a visit

When I was sitting outside one day a cat passed by and I called it to have a chat. I sat down on the street outside because dad would go crazy if I let it near the house (you don’t want a stray cat to come into the kitchen all the time when the door is open). I just sat and pet it for a while, and the grey beauty (very small cat) stroke its body all over me. She was violently friendly, buffing on me to pet her and staying with me for quite a while.

I noticed how much I enjoyed it. I just sat there and noticed that I’m that kind of person, who sits down and talks to a cat for a long time. And talking to her made me miss my own cat at home, miss Smilla.

It made me feel lonely and childish, but also happy that animals exist and that I am not afraid to talk to them. I like when I “notice” things I haven’t thought about before. Do you ever have that feeling? I have it all the time right now. Oh, that. Oh, like this… I’m a cat person, a person who talks to birds on the side of the road, who smiles when I see a snail…

Hence this post. And indulge me, some Smilla pictures (non-cat people should close this post now if you haven’t already):

Smilla nyduschad

In the beginning of June Smilla had a nice shower, and she hated it but smelled lovely afterwards… hehe. Click on the image to view more “wet pussy cat pictures” – she is so cute and thin!

More of Smilla-darling:


If you remember the cat basket I made her? She didn’t spend much time there at all – until I put it on top of my work desk in the living room. Now she loves it! I kind of miss her in my lap, but I enjoy looking at her going in there and knowing I made it for her. Neat-o girl!

Smilla - the cutest cat ever
Sleeping beauty.

Smilla the curious cat! I was trying to draw a toy doll just after reading Danny Gregory’s book The Creative License. I did love that book, but I find it hard to draw. I need to practice more. Without cat interference.

Smilla - the cutest cat ever

I was wondering how many people I know who would find a friend in a cat that was passing by on the street? Would you?

My cat friend the grey little feline came back twice that day, but since then I haven’t seen her. She finally walked away, to her own home, and left me lonley sitting on the curb.