Studio Friday theme is eyes this Friday. What you are all eyes on right now. I’m seeing, reading, thinking, surfing, reading, searching – for my cat. Where is he? I haven’t found him yet. I haven’t meet him yet.

So I’m all eyes still.

Shrek's Cat Friend

All I crave right now seems to be a kitten to call mine. Do you all get obsessed like this over things? I can’t stop thinking about it… I haven’t even wanted a cat until about this month. I thought I was a dog person. But no, something in me need a Studio Cat to watch over me when I create, to inspire me, like so many cats out there seems to do for other artists and cat friends…

eye of a cat

While searching for cat eyes I found The Color Pencil Challange, a site that seams really interesting, and where you, among many things, Pointy Kitty sketchcan learn how to To reproduce the translucent qualities of a realistic eye, a great tutorial with lots of pictures!

And while searching for cats… I found a podcast I didn’t know about by Cat Morley! Her last show is about The Starving Artist. Haven’t listen yet, but it sound/looks interesting.

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