Today let’s make it tutorial time. I took a series of photos to show you how to make your own bird bath with concrete using a big rhubarb leaf (this is rabarber, in English rhubarb) as the mold for casting the concrete. A Rhubarb Leaf Bird Bath, no less.

How to make a  Concrete Bird Bath  from a Rhubarb Leaf Mold - tutorial by iHanna

My mom is very creative, as many of you know. I thought I’d post some action shots of my mom being creative in her beloved garden in July. She created a Concrete Bird Bath from a Rhubarb mold, and here’s how she did it.

How to make a Bird Bath from a Rhubarb Mold

Form the Rhubarb Leaf as a slightly rounded Mold - Tutorial for Concrete Bird Bath from a Rhubarb mold by iHanna #rabarberblad
1. Form the rhubarb leaf as a bowl. Mom did this in the kid’s sandbox, for just a slight curve of the bowl.

2. Spread cooking oil on the Rhubarb leaf, so it won’t stick too much when you start to apply the concrete to the Rhubarb mold.

Mix the concrete / cement
3. Mix the concrete, according to the instructions on the package.

Add the concrete on top of the rhubarb leaf mold
4. Add the concrete on top of the leaf…

Add lots of concrete for a big rhubarb leaf
…you will need lots of concrete if it’s a big leaf.

Let this dry in the sun a couple of days under a tarpaulin (that is a new word for me, means presenning in Swedish).

And then, Voila!

Dry - Concrete Bird Bath from a Rhubarb Mold

5. Once it’s dry remove the tarpaulin, leaf and take it out in all it’s glory. Now you can use it outdoors for many years to come.

Finished Concrete Bird Bath from a Rhubarb Mold

You could plant in it and use it as a flower bed in a corner of your garden, or fill it with water and let the birdies have a nice bath.

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While mom made a bird bath I was working with wood by the saw table. I was sawing small pieces of wood to make a base for gluing unmounted stamps on. I also took some more garden pictures, here are some of my dad’s Gold Fishes:

Gold Fishes in the Garden Pond // Guldfiskarna i fiskdammen

and the pond it with all the water lilies:

Dad's Garden Pond with Water Lilies

Thanks to Tine Sparkles of Studio Friday for the prompt to share our roots. Dad made the pond a couple of years ago. It is so very beautiful. I guess I got my creative roots from both sides of the family.

Where did you get yours?

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