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Trying out Promarker pens

I used to write a crazy amount of book reviews back when I was editor or Sweden’s first (and according to me best and most awesome) book site (no longer online). I wrote so many reviews that I got tired of writing about books for several years, although never too tired to continue reading for […]

Life is a Creative Project

Life is a huge (always ongoing) creative project. iHanna Depending on my mood, this iHanna-quote that I wrote as big as I could in my Art Journal, rings either positive or negative… What’s your take on the statement that life is a huge and always ongoing creative project? Is it awesome to always have your […]

10 Ideas for your Art Journal

I do a lot of things in my Art Journal… I paint, collage, draw, collect, save, experiment, try out new materials, document, write… Today I’m sharing a few ideas of what I do in my Art Journal! Most of all I avoid rules as much as I can, others and self imposed rules alike. I […]

Art Journal Peek: Bird Studies

I have been drawing a bit again. Maybe I should call this journal my Bird Journal? It’s full of Blue Birds and other bird studies, mostly imaginary. And owls… Related PostsPrepped pages in the Art Journal Art Journal Peek: Live life Artfully Collage time during the Holidays

Inspiration: Daily Paper Prompts

Have you seen Tammy’s Daily Paper Prompts? The’re quick and easy ideas that everyone can try out and play with. They do not come up in the feed of her blog DaiysYellow, instead you’ve got to visit the prompts page to make sure you see them. And you should, coz they’re great. Short and sweet […]