No Sharp Edges

Studio Friday theme is all round things!

Life can feel very boring and square sometimes, but if we look around carefully we see the rounds in life. The rounds don’t have sharp edges, the round moves with grace.

It’s in the details, the view you get when you go close to things, that you get to see the round, if you know what I mean. Maybe we should all look closer more often?

Buttons, thimble and measure tape
Lots of things that are very small are round, like these buttons in an almost round jar, the top of a thimble and the tape measure coiled together in front of me.

Decorating with balls of yarn

Books are not round things, right? But rounding of the edges of a book shelf is easy when you forget your balls of yarn here and there in the shelves and on other spots of the room.

I really think that very few porcelain or glass ornaments can beat the beauty of a basket of skeins with knitting needles in them!

Round boxes in the book shelf

And most baskets and containers are square, but I found some round ones at a flea market last summer. And one was even filled with old black buttons – double score!

I love to arrange my books. Novels are kind of alphabetically arranged on writers last name, but then I have most of the books on subjects. All crafting books stands together with home decoration books and pattern books. These are the books I treasure the most right now, except for some children’s book from my childhood.

Time to round up for today! What do you keep in your bookshelf?

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  1. Those orange buttons are so pretty! Beside books, I have many little trinkets and collectibles on my shelf. Some can even be seen in my post today.

    Have a happy weekend, Hanna ;)

  2. I am so ‘into’ round…I notice when I do any art I love circles and roundness of things. Just very neat you put words to that thought!

    Love the post prompt about what is on our bookshelves! Tomorrow I shall post that on my blog!

  3. Round Things galore on my shelves too!
    Same baskets as you have… : ) Also some stones, and pictures.
    Have just bought some lovely vintage craft books, which will be on the shelves when I stop gazing at them…
    There’s a pic of a little of my bookshelves in my last SF post.
    I love reading your posts Hanna, and seeing some of your world. Thank you.
    : )

  4. thank you for giving us the chance to peek at your shelves! i love the button jar.
    my apartment in tokyo is small but has many built-in shelves, some inside cupboards, which i am very grateful for. 1 cupboard, with a single deep shelf inside, has become my desk – it is great because i can just shut the door on any mess. another set of shelves has become my “studio” – it has all my sewing and art supplies.

  5. you gave me some ideas…. i didn’t enter this week because I couldn’t find anything round but I think I might have.
    thanks for the help!

  6. I like what you have to say about the deeper side of a topic. makes me aspire to be a better writer. I’ve definitely been seeing the sharper side of things, I’ll look more for smooth and round!
    Thanks, Kathy

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