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Spotting your own Photo Themes

Last year I had a blog series of photo themes that I called Spotted Photo Theme. As I wrote about my summer photo project, The Pink Flower Mission, I started to think about past themes and decided to give the spotted-themes-idea a try again. Let’s geek out on photography! If you love photography, documenting and […]

Inspiration: Quirky favorite books

Have you seen that the awesome Orly Avinary has published her journal pages in a self published book called One Artist Journal? I’ve already ordered a copy, because I think this might be one of those must-haves. We will see. Once I have it I will get back to you with a review. I know […]

Walking in this World

When we walk, the two halves of our brains converse. Julia Cameron I read Julia Cameron’s book The Artist Way a few years ago… Now it is time to read her again. Have you Have you read the sequel (it’s called Walking in this World) to the famous first book yet? If not maybe you […]

The Perfect Protest

Everyone has his faults which he continually repeats; neither fear nor shame can cure them. Jean de La Fontaine From my Art Journal: A Perfect Mess: I don’t even want to be perfect! Is it a contradiction in terms to call your art and your life “a perfect mess” – or is it the only […]

Inspiration for writing Poetry in your Diary

I’ve read Diana M. Raab’s soft cover poetry book a few evenings now. I think it’s hard to say anything about the poetry itself, because poetry is so personal and sometimes even mystifying. Reviewing it is difficult. I like some of the poems as they make me smile, others I don’t even understand and some […]