The Signature of All things Do you have time to read books? Probably not, but the question is: do you take time to read books? I think you should. Because reading is a lovely pastime any time of the year, and perfect for summer, weather you are on vacation or just sit outside for a while during the weekend. I just finished this novel, and wanted to recommend you to check it out.

You probably already know about the book (and/or the movie) Eat Pray Love? It’s written by author Elizabeth Gilbert, one of my favorite authors. Her latest book is not another personal biography but an awesome historic novel. I really loved it, and I think you should read it, if you too are a feminist, a lover of beautiful words and old fashioned sentences and the English language…

The book has the most beautiful title ever: The Signature of All Things.

It’s about a rich little girl born in 1800, who loves learning new thing, asking questions and who wants to explore the world. Her name is Alma Whittaker. She grows up to be a researcher and naturalist, one who challenges everything but still stays unknown to the world. I will not say much about the story, because I don’t want to spoil it. But just know that this is one of those stories that will stick with me for a long time, and a book I already miss with longing. So read The Signature of All Things!

Happy Summer Solstice from iHanna

I hope Elizabeth will keep writing novels like this, but probably she will find a new genre and idea to challenge her readers again (which of course also is good thing).

Also, if you haven’t seen her newest TED-talk, Success, failure and the drive to keep creating you should take the time to watch it. It’s is almost as great as the previous one about creativity.

Wishing you a Happy Summer Solstice. What are you reading right now? Any book recommendations for me, feel free to share!