Mother on Mothers Day

On Mothers Day I gave my mother the perfect gift, as I had ordered it from the kind gods of the Universe. She got sunshine, an outdoor flea market, great finds and a nice day spent with her favorite daughter. What more could a mom wish for? Later in the day we had way to much cake at first my maternal and then my paternal grandmothers respectively.

Flea market
Mothers Day is later in Sweden than in the US.

The flea market was at my favorite outdoor museum, with old houses, a farm with animals and other museums.

Flea market

Flea market

I wanted to get this one, bud I didn’t:

Vintage lamp
It’s not the kind of lamp you stumble upon every day right? I have never seen anything like it in real life, at least not for sale! Thought it was 450 SEK I might have bought it if I had a room to put it in. Imagine it with new bright paint? Kitchy as hell, yes, but oh how special and not like anything from IKEA at all!

What I bought was a set of wooden building blocks (yes, the classical kind!), that I will put up on my bookshelf once I have room for that again. And this:

Bag of Wool Yarn
120 SEK worth of beautifully colored 100 % pure wool yarn from Klippan, Bergå in Sweden.

I want to crochet it into a sweater or a blanket, maybe. And though I don’t need it I couldn’t resist it:

Thrifted blanket
A crocheted bedspread in white with a blue fabric sewn on as lining. I just couldn’t let it lay there, unloved. Imagine the work and love that went into making this? Incredible amount, that’s what I think. More photos of it here.

If you want to have more embroidery inspiration be sure to check in here during the summer, because I know I want to do more freeform stuff (thank you so much for the kind words!) In the meantime go visit Jenny Hart of Sublime stitching and her cool blog Embroidery as art! I just listened to her being interviewed today on CraftSanity and I think she sounds so nice. She did her first embroidery in 2000 and today she has a company that sells embroidery stuff and patterns with 3 people working for her! Hearing her talk about her business and art really made me want to
1) start a business, 2) embroider portraits and 3) buy stuff from her shop! Like the pink embroidery scissors, the glow-in-the-dark embroidery floss (!), pink hoops, transfer paper…

Oh well, I’ll just go to sleep now and keep on dreaming.

Goodnight to you, where ever you are.