Yes. I have to admit that after a long weekend of celebrations I am one year older. I’m happy to report I do not feel older but might have to admit that I am not as young as I used to be!

Celebrating Life: Pink birthday flowers photo by iHanna #carnations

I was thinking about how we keep celebrating our birthdays all through life. Are we happy that we are getting older, really? Why it stays such a happy occasion even when we don’t want to get any older? I guess it’s because it is a celebration of life. We are alive, and it is wonderful to be alive (most of the time)….

Plus, it’s an ordinary day that we can make extraordinary in a small way. I made a cake, for example. A Birthday Cake of course! When I put it on the table I felt like something was missing, and it wasn’t the 39 candles…

Cake with sprinkles

It needed colorful sprinkles!

And then I made another one, for more celebration the next day. I got to use my once-a-year fancy coffee cups. And it’s a joy to bring them out and pretend to be a grown up.

Finfika with pretty coffee cups

We had lots of fika of course. I usually don’t eat anything with sugar, but for four days I was on a sugar high. I even bought myself some candy, as a special treat.

Cream, donut and cake of course

I got a lot of pretty things, including a musical show and dinner out with the family, and a whole big bouquet of pink carnations. Pink flowers still perky on the table.

Pink Carnations

I really like fresh flowers on the table more and more, and even find myself buying them from time to time – even though my budget is tight. They make me happy, and in the long run I’d rather have a few pretty flowers spread out through the years than money in the bank when I die. I won’t show all the pretty gifts I got (or maybe I should share the pretty paper stuff I got at least on insta?) but have to share this new watercolor set I got:

My New Watercolor set... or?

Oh, just kidding. I got a new set of watercolors for Christmas, this is a case for my iphone!

Happy birthday to you my dear ones, when yours is! I hope you remember to celebrate life, on your birthday and then every day – aren’t we all lucky to be alive?