Women who Inspire me

1. Astrid Lindgren
A great Swedish writer of wonderful children’s books. She was a very cool lady, with political opinions as well as means to change the world to the better. Her imagination and story telling skills will always be a inspiration for me, and the characters in her books will stay in my heart for ever. Which books are your favorite?

Astrid Lindgren

Nina Björk2. Nina Björk
Nina is a Swedish journalist, literature critic and feminist whose first book Under det rosa täcket (Under the pink quilt) is not translated to English, but Nina is the Judith Butler of Sweden. Her book went straight to my heart and has affected my thinking and my actions on many levels – I’ve re-read it several times!

Katarina Mazetti3. Katarina Mazetti
Mazetti is one of my favorite writers right now. She decided years ago to write one or more book in as many genre as she could. And so she has: romance, children, fantasy, youth, detective novel and lost more! I love her funny magazine chronicals so much!

4. Lynne Perrella
I wanted to make the list entirely Swedish, but couldn’t count out one of the strongest influences of my art, Lynne Perrella. She is a mixed media artist and her first book totaly inspired me to start doing collages, art journaling and explore the mixed media scene! I wish I could take one of her classes one day, or do a interview with her!

Vivien Leigh5. Scarlett O’Hara
She is a fictional person, I know, but still… She is so vivid and alive in Margaret Mitchell’s book (photo from the film, but that’s not where she inspires me). She is so willful, strong, independent and still using men (and everyone around her) so that she can get what she want. I don’t think it is good, but she impresses me every time I read this book.

Tracy tagged me on this meme about women who inspire. I have seen this list in blogs for some weeks now and thought it would be fun to write this list, and it was!

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* As you noticed I didn’t tag any of my very inspirational friends or family, and none of all the great web inspiration I’ve gotten to know out there. If you wanna see the blogs I enjoy go to my link page or see what inspire me on the web in the category of inspiration!
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I got tagged by Bea about cooking and recipes, and I’ve been trying really hard to make a list in my head, but no, it won’t happen right now. If I were to tell a secret to all of my Studio Friday friends it would be that I totally lack inspiration in the kitchen. My favorite dish is salad!

So if you feel like telling me and Bea some favorite foods of yours, please do and link here! I’ve already done the 20 things about me-list and for more inspirational women I tag: Bea, Kate, Emma, Myra and Stephanie!

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  1. Great to read about people from your homeland. It’s always wonderful to learn about successful and inspiring women that you haven’t heard of before. It’s got me thinking about women that inspire me.

  2. I loved how you did this….the photos of the women you chose are so powerful. Thanks for playing. hugs,

  3. That’s a greate idea. I might do my own list. I think it’s so wonderful to feel that you are somehow linked and inspired by other woman that came before you… woman artist have been repressed for so many centuries! Long live creative woman!

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