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365 Collages | Week 5 | Swedish Female Authors

Every 8th of March it’s International Women’s Day. It’s one of my favorite days, because it reminds me how far we’ve come – and that we still have a long way to go… To commemorate this important day, all collages in this batch feature women writers from Sweden. I hope you have a super lovely […]

Video | What the World Needs is You

Today I’m sharing a quick text-based video that is actually a commercial for a book that I haven’t read or even seen in person. But the sweet message, that is all about how important you are, and the way it is presented visually in this clip, is such that I think you’ll be smiling after […]

DIY Postcards with a Message

This year I have arranged two swaps of handmade do-it-yourself postcards that was sent around in the world. Both turned out great and was fun to arrange and participate in! Thanks everyone who joined in and to those who helped spread the word! Today I feel it’s time to show what I did with my […]

Faux Postage Stamps – Free Printable Empowerment

As a celebration I’ve put together this free, downloadable sheet (pdf) of Faux Postage Stamps. The celebration is to all of you empowering each other, making handmade cards – and spreading creativity and joy around the globe. Click to download, print and cut these up to use for your own personal projects. Or why not […]

Gala Darling: Radical Self Love

Realize how amazing you are. There will never be anyone like you. Thats why it is so important to express yourself as much as you can if you dont, the world will miss out. Develop your talents. This will naturally make you feel good about yourself. Gala Darling Gala Darling: Radical Self Love, here […]

Feminism and Pussy Girl Power

I want a Zero Tolerance policy on All The Patriarchal Bullshit. Caitlin Moran Don’t be a pussy girl! You can do it! The feminist in me has been sleeping for a few years. But when I read more and engage in the world she is waking up and wanting everyone to sign the petition! Maybe […]

The power of introverts

I’m making dotted papers, and thinking that the weekly inspiration link lists are monthly… the last one was published in January. But of course the postcard link list is still growing, so that’s keeping me busy. But anyway, had to share these links with you. I hope you like ’em! Related PostsIntroverted & Creative goes […]

Crafting a Business – a book review

After finishing Harry Potter #6 (oh what a horrible end!) I have been reading another very exiting book this week. It’s called Crafting a Business written by Kathie Fitzgerald. Crafting a Business is an inspirational book about women who do what they love and earns money meanwhile! It’s filled with gorgeous eye candy photography and […]