DIY Postcard Swap – autumn version with a theme


I have decided. I’m having a Autumn version of the postcard swap! With a theme! You can sign up until 18th of November, so plenty of time to make five postcards! Yay! Then you’ll send out your cards before November ends. In this way you have at least two weekends to make postcards. You can make your cards and sign up later, or do it right away:

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I will as usual share my postcards and inspiration here, answer questions and provide a space to share your links and images! Also, I have a sheet of fun “fake stamp” printables coming up! I hope you wanna play, if not, that’s okay too. There will be a new 10for10 postcard swap by spring.

What to do

1. To sign up you pay the fee of $4 via paypal by clicking the Pay now button.
2. Make 5 postcards by hand, in any medium, with the loose theme of empowerment.
3. Wait until you receive five postal addresses from iHanna via email after the 22th of November (extended from 18th since my blog had some downtime the last week).
4. Send out postcards NO later than Monday 26th of November! Make sure you note this date.
5. You’ll get postcards from 5 other people with an empowering message in some form!
6. Participate! Comment, share photos, e-mail a thank-you-note to the ones that send you their postcards.

Help me spread this message by linking to this post, sharing a swap-button, posting to FB or to tweet this message!

Theme: Empowerment

DIY POSTCARD SWAP button for autumn 2012 with rounded corners I’ve been thinking about a theme before. This time I decided on empowerment and I hope you’ll be inspired by it and play with it. It’s quite broad one, and you can very personal if you want to. As a feminist I’m thinking women need to empower each other! Thinking: encouraging quotes, girl power, kindness & generosity, love and femail role models – but it’s up to you what you make of the theme. Blokes are welcome too! It doesn’t have to be wordy, it can be imagery that makes you feel empowered!

Simple rules

– Your postcard must be done by you, and hand made.
– Your postcard can be any size or form you like, but personally I prefer “normal sized” postcards.
– You must be over 18 years old to participate, this not a swap for kids.
– If you can’t commit to sending out five cards by the end of November – don’t sign up please. Thank you!
– I’m Swedish and this is a wonderful diverse international swap. Note that postage for your cards might need to be higher than for domestic mail (but you might get post from all over the world…).

DIY POSTCARD SWAP autumn 2012 Some Swap Background Facts: For the last three years I’ve hosted a swap where participants make handmade postcards to send out to each other in the spring. DIY = Do it yourself! This year as I decided to do it bigger and better – and go professional. I charge a fee to make the work I put into the swap and my blog sustainable (the participation fee is explained in more detail here), set rules, invite everyone who participate to my newsletter (and it has really grown – thank you!) – and then afterwards I also sent out a survey to get feedback. Almost everyone was super happy with the swap and quite a few were interested in a second swap this year! And this is it!

[paypal sign up button removed]

Let’s make some postcards again!

Share your postcard photos in the postcard pool of flickr and links in the post Share you Beautiful Postcard Makings. Get my faux postal stamps. Inspiration is everywhere, and a lots can be found on my pintarest board.

31 Responses

  1. I love this idea! I just paid my $4. Now I have to get to work.

  2. I’m so glad you decided to do a fall swap. Great theme too!!

  3. Love it! Have mentioned it in my Stonechat blog but how do i share a swap button?
    Couldn’t get it to work.

    I love that it is only 5 this time, love the theme and if i get a chance i will join in. I have just become Granny to twins, so life is a bit hectic!
    Check out my Twinwatch blog if you are interested.

    Have had fun picking out 5 empowering aphorisms.
    Great Hanna – thank you!

    • Hello! saw where you are the grandma of newborn twins! How fun. I have boy/girl twins who are 7. Everyday is a new adventure. Enjoy every minute of it. Hope you can join the postcard swap. It is really a lot of fun!!!

  4. Yeah! I am excited about the swap! I signed up and posted a short blog post about the swap too. I love mail art – I’m excited to see what empowering messages I get!

  5. I am so happy you are doing a mini-swap and the way it is organized is genius! I love the theme! A word of explanation about my gmail account/address: It is in no way meant as a derogatory commentary about women! When I set up the account, my husband and brother-in-law were both telling me and my sister that we were “psycho”. We scare the boys a little, I suppose. We are passionate, and if that is psycho, then I’m proud to be psycho, and most of the women I know are a little psycho too!

  6. i am IN! i love this swap and have met such wonderful people by participating. Thank you for this opportunity.

  7. Hi,
    This might sound stupid, but do you write a message or something on the back like you’re sending mail to someone?? or do you send it blank so they can use it or something.

    • Hi Holly, not a stupid question at all. A few in previous swaps have made blank backs and send them in an envelope, but my intention is for this to be addressed postcards with a handmade artwork in front and a personal message or just a simple hi, hope you’re fine-message on the back along with the postal address. :-)

  8. I’ll be totally honest, I have NO idea where to even start with that theme!! :D but I’m totally in as I loved the last swap so much

  9. I signed up Hanna, but might have payed twice, because my internet went down. Won’t you please check?

    • Eurika, thanks for joining us! And yes you did pay twice. I’ve sent you a refund of the money today. Thanks for letting me know!

  10. Hi Hanna
    Just joined your swap and looking forward to post my cards

    Siffe from Denmark

  11. I cannot resist your postcard swaps, Hanna! I’m planning something ever-so-stitchy for this swap.

  12. I’ve been trying to slow down and not take on more projects, but I was really regretting not doing the swap this time. Then this morning I saw you extended registration for a few more days and I took it as a sign! I’ve got a lovely long weekend coming up and lots of good postcard ideas.

  13. Hurray for your date extension – I just signed up. I love taking part in your swaps Hanna! Thank you for organising it!

    • There is no obligation to do it, don’t worry Chris. The sign up is closed now so it doesn’t matter much for now. You already helped spread the word via twitter, thank you!

  14. Looking forward to doing this swap – worried I haven’t got any addresses yet to send to…?!

    • Helly, so glad you could join! I’ve just now sent out the postal addresses to y’all. Check your paypal email first, and if no email from me let me know!


  15. I don’t have a blog so if there’s some way to post my pictures, please let me know. Maybe, Hanna, you need to make me a member of the Flickr group?
    Cards are going out Monday.

    • Hi Laurie, great that your cards are finished!

      Sharing your postcards is not a must, but if you have a flickr account you can visit the swap group and join yourself, it’s an open group. Once you’ve joined you can add in your postcard photos there and comment on others cards too. Let me know if you need any help.

  16. Hi Hanna… your email with the addresses! I also don’t have a website or flicker account but will be taking pictures of them prior to sending them out…..this is so fun. Thanks for hosting!

    • Hi Christine, It’s free to make an account on flickr, but no obligation if you don’t want or need one. Documenting the process is added fun, but the putting it online part is not for everyone and I totally understand that. It’s all totally okay. :-) Thanks for joining!