Faux Postage Stamps – Free Printable Empowerment

As a celebration I’ve put together this free, downloadable sheet (pdf) of Faux Postage Stamps. The celebration is to all of you empowering each other, making handmade cards – and spreading creativity and joy around the globe. Click to download, print and cut these up to use for your own personal projects. Or why not on one of your handmade postcards (front or back)?

You can sign up for the postcard swap to empower yourself in your artistic expression, it’s open to everyone who wants to exchange handmade postcards and find connection beyond internet. I wanted to do this now since my site went invisible for two days last week. Sorry about that.

Faux Postage Stamps

I’ve always wanted to make my own fake/false postage, called Faux Postage Stamps, and thought this was a good time to try it out. Not very detailed or elaborate, but quick and to the point. Postage with a small message for a better world…?

BTW, I once made a postcard backside, also free to print and use.

I hope you like the faux postage stamps. Let’s empower each other!

PS: Feel free to keep in touch by signinig up for my Newsletter if you want more free colorful and empowering printables in the future.

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  1. These are lovely Hanna! I was sad that I couldn’t do the Girl Power swap, as I *love* the postcard swaps you host… but I am neck deep in a big, bold painting goal, so I decided I’d better skip the swap and FOCUS! Still, I love the theme and your art is beautiful {as always!}
    Happy Swap Week!

    • Thanks Denice! Sorry that you couldn’t join the swap but happy that you are having a bold painting goal and sticking to it! That’s girl power too! I know you can do it! :-)

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