You were given life; it is your duty (and also your entitlement as a human being) to find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight.
Elizabeth Gilbert

Lately I have been thinking about this new category of films that are coming up in the cinemas. I would like to call them Empowering Female Films for Women of Today. They are the movies where we meet Strong Women, movies where Creativity and Girl Power intermingle into something that I want to see more of on the big screen. So many movies these days are about a woman character living an unreal fairy tale life where they still need a guy to be happy or to rescue them from themselves. The movies I am talking about are portraying creative women who start projects on their own and are successful in what they do. I will list a few new (and older) below, feel free to add your own favorite titles in the comments!

Creative women in movies


It was when I saw the movie about Coco Chanel’s life that I started to think about the need for these kinds of movies, showing real women who make something of their life. I love this movie and the story of how Coco invented herself as a brand and found success through persistence, ingenuity and creativity. Watching it made me wish I could have a whole library of movies just like it to watch when I need girl power infusion. I also came to think about another quite new movie…

Julie and Julia

A movie about a woman, Julie, who decides to cook her way through Julia Child’s famous cook book full of French recipes and do all of them in one year while blogging about her experience. In the movie we get to follow these two very different but also very determined and creative women through the ups and downs of their projects. One writing a cook book of thousands of pages, the other cooking her way through these pages many years later and sharing her experiences on the internet. I would not have thought I would like such a food filled movie much, but I loved it! It makes me think of my own definition of “projects” and creativity, and how important it all is in my life.


Frida is not a new movie, but still a favorite to me. It is not strange that so many artists use portraits of Frida Kahlo in their artwork; she is a modern icon worthy of our admiration. We can look up to Frida because she was an ordinary woman with many problems both in her marriage and her hurting body, still she is an icon of bravery, artistic skill and girl power. She expresses all her feelings and thoughts in her art. The movie about Frida Kahlo (played by beautiful Salma Hayeck) is a colorful and beautiful portrait of a very inspirational woman. Last summer I read (and browsed through) her published diaries, filled with ink stains, sketches and word collections. The movie is a must-see to every female artist.

More Creative Women

Every film on my list of Empowering Female Movies is based on true stories, did you notice? Scriptwriters tell us these stories of modern myths over and over again, and forget that real people have more perks, blood, passions and warmth than a simple made-up movie character can ever hold. Real people also have more than one goal in life. I think that should tell producers and directors where to look next for new manuscripts… In real life! The stories from life are more complex and interesting than most movie scrips. Read a few biographies and you’ll see. Do some historical digging. We are here and we are real, right? Creativity is such a huge part of our life, but not seen very often on the big screen… I hope that will change.

I hope that there will be more Empowering Women Films in the future. I am personally looking forward to see the French movie Sraphine [found via Zom], also based on a true story. Sraphine is “a simple and profoundly devout housekeeper whose brilliantly colorful canvases adorn some of the most famous galleries in the world“. And then of course Elizabet Gilbert’s book is made into a movie called Eat Pray Love. Julia Roberts is in lead role, and who can resist her? It is coming up in theaters here in Sweden soon. I loved the book and hope the movie is as good.

I would love to know what movies are on your list of favorites. What movies should I be looking out for next? What oldies have I missed? Feel free to write a post about Favorite Movies at your own blog and post the link below. Or chip right in now in the comments and give me your thought on movies that makes you inspired and happy! Thanks.