Download & Print Your Own DIY Planner Pages

Printable DIY Planner Pages
I’ve used my handmade, DIY, glitterliciously pink planner several years by now and I love it! I love printing and making my own DIY Planner Pages. This year it was time to share the joy of it even more.

My DIY Planner Pages are for planner girls, paper lovers & those of us that are not happy with generic planners! Choose your own papers, colors and create the ultimate calendar/planner!

Download the DIY Planner Pages

Not everyone have the patience or time to design their own calendar pages. This is why I’ve decided to offer my entire calendar design as a download! You can get it through my Etsy Shop right now, or check out further inspiration and information on what is included here.

After you pay you will be able to instantly download the digital file. It is a 38 page big PDF-file that you can print any time. All you need to do then is open the document, press print and add your favorite paper into your own printer. When all the pages have been printed (two weeks/pages per paper) you will cut them apart, punch holes and put it all in a binder of your choice!

Get the pages now

DIY planners pages by iHanna

Putting it together will be your task – a great mix of print-on-demand and DIY project. It is perfect for us creative types that are rather picky about their paper products!

I love my planner

What I absolutely LOVE about making/using my own planner is:

* choosing papers (mine is 80 gram cream coloured paper especially bought for this project)

* making my own section dividers (tabs)

* using pretty scrapbook papers, postcards and other fun stuff

* deciding what’s important and what’s not (in a pre-made calendar you will always get a new phone list but what I really want is a space personal lists like my read book list etc)

* printing 6 months at a time and then the rest later

* having everything in a ring binder so that I can move, remove and change order of everything that’s in there

* having room and papers especially made for list making, sketching, writing, keeping track of time, to do-lists and more

* being able to make something pretty that I use in everyday life – daily

* that I can re-use the ring binder, dividers and list pages year after year!

New & Old DIY planners by iHanna

It’s amazing to me how much attention my first DIY planner post have attracted, and still does. Crafters, artists, paper lovers and planners all agree that a personalized personal planner is the way to go – if you have the time to put into it…

Some readers have been curious about details, wanting almost an exact copy of the look of my calendar, others have explored the possibility of making their own daily calendars and shared their efforts with me (oh the joy to see the results when the spark of inspiration came from me!). And some of you have encouraged me to offer the planner as a product.

I think it has something to do with how the creative brain needs to organize, structure and beautify everything, even such a thing as a calendar. We just want to be our own boss, and manage our own time. The first step is to create a calendar that you will actually use.

As I printed pages for 2014 I didn’t need to do any changes much, except I decided to create all the 52 weeks in one computer file (with all the 365 days dated and week numbers added). I then, finally, decided to offer it as a digital download, for a small cost, to all my readers who has been requesting it since for ever. To me, and you probably, the time it takes to assemble this is sooo worth it! Oh the joy of putting it together and then getting to use it.

I have created my first digital product and I’m really proud of it. Enjoy!

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Wishing you a Happy New Creative Year!

7 Responses

  1. What I am wildly in love with is that your rings can fit in a smaller space. Our ring binders fit our 8.5″ x 11″ pages–the spine is so long! Now if I could figure out how to by one (or more) of those clever ring binders, I would be on my way! You did a great job, and the tutorials are to drool over!

    • Thanks Quinn!

      And I see. Yes, those ugly US-big ring binders (with a lot of rings) would cause a problem… Hmm, maybe I need to sell loose 4-ring binder mechanisms for DIY-ers around the world, in my etsy? Though then you will also need the right hole perforator!

      But there are probably ways to get around the problem if you really want to. If you could get something like this; Small 6 Ring Binder 3 x 5 inches that might work, the binder function is a great size! My customized binder is 6.69 inches high though.

      You could also use loose rings or even get a filofax mechanism in a smaller size, I know you can buy their style hole punch for extras! :-)

  2. Jag vill köpa den svenska versionen av dig Hanna. Hör av dig hur jag ska gå tillväga, PayPal?
    MVH &
    Gott nytt år!

  3. I’ve made a planner this year out of a cheapo sketchbook, and I’ve been looking for the perfect weekly inserts so a big THANK YOU for these, and Happy New Year!! x

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