An artistic process in which a three-dimensional artistic composition is made from putting together found objects.

Assemblage is the three-dimensional cousin of collage.
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Detail of assemblage
I’ve been wanting to work with assemblage for a long time, and since I am drawn to dolls of all kinds I went with that. I love my own art dolls, pictures of women that can represent all women – and also the plastic dolls that has no special expression in their faces. Maybe I’m drawn to images of the woman, as me and as all of us? Maybe it’s the feminist side of me that needs to work with this idea of what we are? The need to try a new method of making art is also involved.

So I found a doll at a flea market in the beginning of the year, and bought her for about 15 SEK at a second hand shop in town.

Project Spectrum MarchI wanted to put her in a pink and red environment (womens colours right?) since it’s my favourit colours, and it is the colours for March in Project Spectrum! I’m posting this a bit late, but I’ve been working you know. A second one is also finished, I will post her soon.

If you want to view lots of red and pink projects visit the group pool at flickr. Amazing!

Adulthood (I)

I’m still looking for a third doll (and more, might be a orange series too, what do you think?), the size of the doll has to be small to fit the canvas and I’ve looked everywhere with no luck so far.

I really like how this assemblage came out, and that there is about one million ways to interpret this piece of art. What does it say/mean to you, if anything?