Received in the iHanna autumn postcard swap

How to interpret empowerment is open to all and can be done in a myriad of ways. A colour or a drawing that speaks to us could empower as well as spread joy. I choose this as the theme for this year’s postcard swap because I want all of us to feel empowered, in our everyday life and in our creativity.

Quite a few of the participants in the swap went with a powerful quote or a few words of encouragement – just like I did on mine. Words are powerful. The right words coming at the right time is better than any gift in the word. This is why I value comments, email and letters so much. I appreciate that someone, sometimes people who don’t know me, will take the time to give me some of their words. To send me appreciation, information and inspiration – and often, maybe too often, those words land in my heart.

The first one I got, from Doro in Germany, was a beautiful postcard in pink and orange, with this very fitting quote:

You get what you give. So give good.

I felt very empowered by this, to continue with what I already do and do it good! Take photos, craft, make art, write, invite to participation, find inspiration – and to share all of this with you guys! And as all good circles, when I do this I do feel it comes back to me.


The other cards in the pile is from Chris, Patricia, Tammy and Laurie M!

This week I also got one from Christine W, where she added polka dot pink just for me:

Postcard to iHanna
After they’ve been out and seen for a while I will punch holes and add them to my homemade postcard binder for safe keeping. Because I love all of these cards! Thank you!

Update, I got another card today, from Rachel:
Postcard by Rachel M

Happy third of advent to all of you from me!