Empowering postcards 2012 in the #Diypostcardswap

This year I have arranged two swaps of handmade do-it-yourself postcards that was sent around in the world. Both turned out great and was fun to arrange and participate in! Thanks everyone who joined in and to those who helped spread the word! Today I feel it’s time to show what I did with my postcards in the second round. They’ve all been sent out and received by now!

Postcard start-ups  in the #Diypostcardswap
This is where I started. By painting with acrylic paint.

And I think my postcards, on the theme of empowerment, started out good but got rather messy before I finished them… I was inspired by all the wonderful artists who write beautiful calligraphy and hand writing! They make illuminating text look like magic, and probably it is…

I thought I could do something similar, but while I did try mine didn’t turned out as I had hoped… But still, I finished five cards with written messages and sent them away on time. I didn’t have time to rethink the idea or try something else, so I went with the cards I have. Sometimes that’s the best you can do, even when the markers smear and the handwriting is not as pretty as you wished for…

Anyway, here are the cards I made in the autumn DIY postcard swap of iHanna:

Postcard: Girl power by @iHanna .- made for the #Diypostcardswap
Sent out a message about Girl power!

Postcard: You're so Fabulous  by @iHanna .- made for the #Diypostcardswap
And Fabulousness!

Postcard: Embrace your youness made by @iHanna .- made for the #Diypostcardswap
And that you should embrace youness…

Postcard Be true to you created by @iHanna - made for the #Diypostcardswap
…and inner truth!

Postcard: You are enough - important message to all girls/women/men -  by @iHanna - made for the #Diypostcardswap
And a postcard with one of my favorite sayings of enoughness!

Love the colours and these messages, but should perhaps have cut out the message from printed text or done a collage like I did with my meta postcards… Perhaps next time! Next year – sign up for the newsletter and I’ll let you know when I arrange a new postcard swap!

Chicken stamps from Sweden, photo  by @iHanna - made for the #Diypostcardswap
And because we’re no chickens I used these hen postal stamps! ;-)

Hello, my collection of cute
Plus my own faux postal stamps of course.

Backside is decorated too by @iHanna - made for the #Diypostcardswap
The backside is decorated too, with lots of deco tape. Love that stuff.

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