Marching to battle

Stephanie got her package from me and I got mine, full of exactly the kind of things that makes me happy. Two numbers of Somerset Studio, a magazine you can’t find in this country. It’s about mixed media and it is full of nice arty stuff for me to browse through tonight. Mmm!

Package with swirls on!

I also got to Micron pens (hurray!) and a skein of funky fringe yarn wich has great colours! Also got a pack of ATC card holders, a iron on embroidery with roses and a pattern book with crocheted animals from the farm!

Look at it all:


And I also got the cutest envelope I ever seen:
With roses and a simple hello! Cute envelope huh? I love Stephanies art, so today I did a collage in my art journal about with flowers marching in a row that she drew on an previous envelope:

Marching to battle
It’s called Marching to battle. I like it, and I love elephants which Tine made me think of today. I might ad text in the middle of the spread later. But not right now.

I recently did a trade with Emma in Finland, it was fun. And it’s been extra fun to see all the little paper bits I sent her showing up in her art journal (like happy list, November, talvi (winter in finish), happiness, winter and tea and covered in paint). Amazing! Her designs are all very simple but so nice and beautiful – with just a few interesting sentences on each page.

I also did a trade with Kate, which was fun to put together – she has received the package I sent her but I’m still waiting in excitement for mine…

Journaling book with fabric coverI also made a book cover out of fabric for a craft challenge! Maria sent the material out and the participants made something for her and sent it back. I bought a simple black book and made this:

Maria embroidered name book cover
Spinal star on a notebook

Spread with a quote

It has quotes that I printed on colorful paper on every second page or so, inspirational quotes about art and writing. I hope Maria likes it. Kate got a similar one with quotes and I’m also giving one as a late birthday present for my friend Lena, who is going to be a writer.

Lenas egen bok

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