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Link Button: Spotted Photo Theme inspired by iHanna Last year I had a blog series of photo themes that I called Spotted Photo Theme. As I wrote about my summer photo project, The Pink Flower Mission, I started to think about past themes and decided to give the spotted-themes-idea a try again.

Let’s geek out on photography! If you love photography, documenting and sharing what you create – then you are most welcome to join me as I post a photo theme spotted in my personal photo collection! Look through your own photos and come back to the newest photo theme here and post a link in the comments!

I will be starting in the beginning of August with animal/critters (I will be posting mine around the first of the month, in August on Sunday August 3 – in case you want to join me on that date or later you’re most welcome).

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I love photo themes

I love spotting themes in my creative work. Sometimes I pick a theme to work with, sometimes it’s like the theme picks me. An idea/image shows up and comes back several times during a period of time. Themes that are not consciously chosen are often revealed later when I look back through my photo folders. These themes, conscious or unconscious, often occur in my photographs and by collecting some of them into one big photo post on my blog I hope to inspire you to: take more photos, look for (and work with) themes, to select some and show your own photographs in a special blog post! Think of it like curating a photo book: pick favorites that you think work together in some way….

Feel free to join me, these are my ideas and what I’m thinking of right now:

Upcoming Spotted Photo Themes

  1. August: Show your love for Animals
  2. September: Photos of your Favorite Color
  3. October: Nature – what elements or views of nature are you photographing most often? Do you return to the ocean, to flowers, to the forest, to looking up at the sky – or something else? Try finding a nature theme for October!
  4. November:
  5. December:
  6. January: Darkness and Light

Taking suggestions for November and December. Maybe you have themes you want to show off? Maybe something creative for November and something Wintery or Christmassy for December, or what do you think?

Also check out my first intro post here if you want to. Will you join me? Say yes!

Update on Nov and Dec

  1. November: graffiti (street art, found posters, etc) – suggested by Tammy
  2. December: Going with a Christmassy Theme (pick a favorite thing/idea about Christmas and compile photos of that one) – suggested by Judy
  3. January: Darkness and Light
  4. February: Vehicles (pick your favorite, I’ll probably go with bikes) – bicycles suggested by Tammy

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  1. I love photo challenges! I like the idea of a general concept for each month rather than each DAY. I tried to do one like that recently and it became a little overwhelming. What about a theme of “balance” for November or December? [I tend to have a difficult time finding balance in those holiday heavy months, so it could be a fun concept to explore.]

    • Traci, I would love for you to join me, but it’s not really a photo challenge – it’s about looking through photos you’ve already taken and sharing the theme you see. Next one is “animals”, and it’s quite literal and should be easy to spot.

      Not sure I could spot “balance” in my photos even though I strive for it it in my everyday. :-)

      • Love that even more! Sorry I misunderstood–I first read this as spotting themes from past months, AND guiding future photos. I’ve never thought of what you were talking about. I’ll be curious to see what you find. :]

  2. I love it! Getting out my calendar and making it down. For November, what about ‘gratitude/thankful for’? Here in the states, November is our holiday of Thanksgiving. And for December – ‘glittery/shiny/sparkly’ – all those Christmas/holiday decorations.

    • Judy, I will be thrilled if you join and look for photo themes among your own photos. I think December will definitely be Christmassy!

      I think I’m going to just chose Christmas and let each participants decide on a smaller branch of spotted photo themes within that theme. Does that make sense? It could be all your photos of sparkly lights or something else that you usually document in December. Imagine a post of all your Christmas trees during the past 10 years? Wow.


  3. If I were to look through all of my photos in the last few years, the big theme that would emerge is “drinks.” Coffee cups, tea cups, mason jars full of ice water… I just seem to love photographing drinks for some odd reason. I’m thinking of doing a month where I take cup pictures on purpose. “A Month of Mugs” :-)

    • Lisa, that is a great theme idea and I do that too, a lot. Especially when it comes to coffee shop pretty coffee – yum! First a photo, then I can enjoy it properly.

      I’ll keep that theme in mind if I continue into next year, thanks.

  4. Your photo theme project sounds like fun! I’ll look back through my photos and see if I can spot some color themes. I usually like to capture the season in color but I do have my favorites!

  5. Where do we post photos if we want to play in this challenge. I do have a blog of sorts…not very active and I don’t know how to link it.

    • Hi Pam,
      glad you want to join. For example if you want to do the latest challenge, on color, just create a new blog post on your blog with the photos you want to show of the color you picked. Also create a link back to this post and publish it.
      Then come back to my blog again, visit the post called my favorite color and paste in the link to your post in the comments there.

      It’s easy, and fun! But if you need more help just let me know.

  6. I’ve just found this Spotted Photo Theme via Tammy of Daisy Yellow and think it’s a great idea. I’m off to have a look at my pics to see if I too, have any themes. My favourite colour is green, so lets see shall we ;)

  7. As Mo mentioned above. I found out about Spotted Photo Theme via Tammy too! I love taking photos and most of which have been from my iphone. I’m jumping right in! Exciting!!!

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