Talking to a squirrel

I was out walking in my new shoes, stopping to snap a photo of them. Well, new to me shoes, bought in a second hand shop for 45 SEK. Love my new shoes. I defiantly have a thing for shoes, maybe because I buy new ones so seldom?

New shoes

Walking and admiring my new-to-me-shoes I heard something in the forest…

Squirrel trees

…but when I looked up at the hill I saw nothing special there!

– Who’s there? I asked.

Squirrel was here

– Chipp chipp, said he and meant Leave now and I will not hurt you!

I snapped a photo of my gorgeous new friend, but he was not pleased at all. Didn’t want the internet fame.

Squirrel talk

Can you spot him in my photo? He was almost invisible in the dead leaves.

He bounded off and said, more hostile this time;

– Chirp, chirp, chip! and meant I don’t like you nore your shoes, will you leave now or I’ll call my big family?

Squirrel talk - detail

So I walked on while he climbed up the nearest pine tree and called after me:

– Chip-a-waa-haa! which means Eat that, you human!

But in Photoshop I had a closer look, and darn is he a cute guy!

So darn cute, right?

Squirrel talk - detail

To bad he didn’t feel like talking more.

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  1. Ah he is a very cute little squirrel. I almost couldn’t spot him in the pictures at first. Much better looking than the one that my little red riding hood met up with. It’s nice when they chirp back at you .. they make such odd little noises.

    Great looking shoes too.

  2. He’s very cute! We have a big park in Warsaw in the middle of the city where there are lots of squirrels and they come to you to be fed with nuts, practically directly from your hand! *^v^*

  3. Red squirrels are so distinctive with their tufted ears and colouring. Quite beautiful actually. All we have here in BC are big fat grey squirrels…who are cute in their own way, but can be quite pesky. I love your pictures…thanks for posting them. Like your shoes too!!

  4. I have a cheeky little fellow living on my deck. He comes right up to the screen door and taunts my cats. Sometimes I cannot believe the range of sounds he makes…chirps, barks, growls and I swear I he has laughed at me.

  5. He IS cute! I just put up a picture of a cute Canadian squirrel on my blog; they’re so nice to come upon.
    Tere :)

  6. When I was 14 yrs old, walking to school, I noticed a squirrel that seemed interested in me. I thought “maybe he is tame”, so I made a clicking sound with my mouth and he came closer. I just happened to have nuts in my pocket, so I gave him some and he followed me for about 15 minutes.

    Obviously in those days I wasn’t concerned about rabies!

  7. Love the new shoes! I love shoes that come from secondhand more than any other – its like you saved them from their ultimate death, and the death of a perfectly good shoe is a horrible thought…

    That squirrel is awesome too! I have a squirrel at my apartment complex that meets me at my door before I leave work, and I give hima snack. Hes pretty fat now. I named him Charlie!

  8. Soooo cute!!! I love walks like those and you did such a beautiful job telling the story!! Thanks for visiting my blog, yours is amazing! Will be back, that’s for sure!

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