I was out walking in my new shoes, stopping to snap a photo of them. Well, new to me shoes, bought in a second hand shop for 45 SEK. Love my new shoes. I defiantly have a thing for shoes, maybe because I buy new ones so seldom?

New shoes

Walking and admiring my new-to-me-shoes I heard something in the forest…

Squirrel trees

…but when I looked up at the hill I saw nothing special there!

– Who’s there? I asked.

Squirrel was here

– Chipp chipp, said he and meant Leave now and I will not hurt you!

I snapped a photo of my gorgeous new friend, but he was not pleased at all. Didn’t want the internet fame.

Squirrel talk

Can you spot him in my photo? He was almost invisible in the dead leaves.

He bounded off and said, more hostile this time;

– Chirp, chirp, chip! and meant I don’t like you nore your shoes, will you leave now or I’ll call my big family?

Squirrel talk - detail

So I walked on while he climbed up the nearest pine tree and called after me:

– Chip-a-waa-haa! which means Eat that, you human!

But in Photoshop I had a closer look, and darn is he a cute guy!

So darn cute, right?

Squirrel talk - detail

To bad he didn’t feel like talking more.