April Snow

The lost Bear that Karen made, is sitting in the window looking out. One day when it was snowing outside, she thought to herself: I think I will stay in and make art!

April Rain
The next day it was raining, so she, who is not lost lost any more (now named Alice) stayed in and made art.

April Sunshine
And then finally, on the third day, the sun came out! But it was still really cold and the chickens didn’t want to go outside. So Alice stayed in. Guess what she made?

Sometimes the weather is just the perfect excuse not to go outside at all. But really, we’ve had some serious April weather lately.

April weather is very unpredictable. In Sweden we have a special name for it, aprilväder; April Weather… One minute it’s snowing and next up full on rain or hail, then some sun and after that, who knows?

Me and Alice will stay inside and look out the window instead of going out. If you’re not making art make up a story like this one. It reminds me of my story about the Tiny Elephant. :-)