Vision is the art of seeing the invisible.
Jonathan Swift

Dreamboard Full Snow Moon
Wow, I’ve created my first vision board, or dreamboard, that’s what Jamie Ridler call them. I’ve been thinking about doing one for quite a while now but not sure why… Why do I need one? I do not know. Finally I just created one, as I’m slowly going through a big pile of magazines, cleaning out ephemera and sorting papers.

I put on some good music, went through magazines and cut out some images that spoke to me. Is this my dream? My vision of the future? My hope of a better life? Yes, and no.

When you look at it, what do thoughts do you get? What do I dream of? Have you ever tried creating a dreamboard like this? Was it like an affirmation, a visual aid or a dream that became clearer? I’m not sure about mine yet.

When I made it I got a bit worried, maybe it was the mood that night… I was afraid I would forget something, leave something out – like this was a spell that would come true, a prophecy that would happen and I could not leave anything out! Like if I didn’t glue in this or that I would never have those things… A stupid and strange feeling. Maybe a fear of visualizing ones dreams.

Now that I look at it I think that most of the things there I already have! My cat, my self, my yoga for example. So my dream might be to refine and have more of the things I see in this visionboard collage? And to get to a place where I can grow. Now when I look at it, as I’ve hung it over the desk, I see a couple of different things that makes me think about longing…

Dreamboard thinking…

  • I long for big windows and more light, and greenery
  • I long for writing – and to own a typewriter
  • I long for spring and flowers on the table
  • I long to live like a grown-up and still include time for play
  • My body longs for more yoga and lovely stretching
  • I long for new clothes, pretty skirts and polka dot sweaters
  • I long for white walls and room to hang my own art
  • I long to create more wall-hanging art
  • I long for a in-flow of money
  • I long for reading and giving gifts
  • I’m drawn to a simple country style
  • I want to give myself permission to use my favorite tools (words, paint brush, sewing machine, pens, paper) to find my own style and develop as a human being through creativity
  • I long for music in my life
  • I long to have more alone time and space around me

My collage is quite big so I’ve also included some close-up photos if you want a closer look!?

My first dream board includes lots of white!

Dreamboard - close up
Dreamboard - close up
Dreamboard - close up
Dreamboard - close up
Dreamboard - close up

I cut out lots of words from magazines, but the only words included in this vision board is; “made by you” – a little reminder to myself that my life is made by me, and any changes will also have to be made by me. Jamie writes on her blog:

So take a moment to look at your board and ask yourself, what’s one little thing I could do to invite this into my life? Just one thing. You don’t even have to commit to doing it. Just consider what your dreams are asking of you.

I’m pondering, I’m pondering. :-)

Thanks for watching and commenting, have a lovely week!