Words about me

Self portrait of my feet by iHanna, www.ihanna.nu


everything pink, lace, white, romantic, bold colours, roses, vintage, wabi-sabi, stained, cute, cats and kittens, b/w photos, striped tops, red shoes, black fingernails, quilts, granny squares, notebooks, black ink pens, messy collages, gesso, jeans, buttons, wool, rainbow colours, runny watercolours, hello kitty, green frogs, owls, browns, 1970ish patterns, golden ornamental frames, incense candles, brown paper, coffee smell, flea market, junk collector, polka dots, moleskine, candy, feelings, vanilla, pippi longstocking, crafty, documenting, decorating, bold flowers, curious, art journaling, cutting images out, visual, sunshine, parsley, gluestick, coziness, warmth, papers, dreams, reading, cups, yoga, faithful, sad, happy, special, swedish, crayons, fika, letters, stickers, design, recycle, hoya, metta, diy, libraries, notes, animated movies, buttons, scissors, therapy with friends, glitter, root bear, halloumi, swirls, princesses, feminist, grown up, shabby chic, foreign words, plastic, kitsch, empty wallet, straws, inspiration, amore, family, self improvement, research, glass jars, no secrets, my nikon, tears, children’s books, museums, red cottages, the ocean, snow trees, fjällen, online communication, piano, blogs, creativity, cinnamon rolls, milk, printing, collage, street art, sushi, sthlm, kisses, challenge, information, play, mirrors…

…and more of course.

What words define you, and what words are you about? please tell me.

(prompt/idea from here).

4 Responses

  1. I can join you in most words! To improve the list I?ll only add “simple living” and “everything swedish”….

  2. what a great list…i am not sure i am that much but will try soon…missed you…happy fall…blessings, rebecca

  3. hi! please write to me at my email! i will send you a paper packet. looking forward to hearing from you! hugs :)

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