Pillow cases á lá iHanna

I’m sitting here sipping my ice coffee and thinking about something to write. I’ve been wanting to post these photos of three pillow cases I made for a week now, but couldn’t come up with something to say about them. They are pillow cases, the pattern is kind of free form log cabins.

Three pillow cases

They are for sale, and I thought 23 dollars (150 sek) would be a good price, if anyone is interested. Just the quilted pillow cases, pillows not included.

Purple and Rose

They are named Purple and Rose, and the most colourful one (my favorite) is Summer time:

Summer lovin pillow case - detail, sewn by iHanna

Lots of yellow, red and pink in this one. And the backside is white with colourful big flowers, a thrifted fabric bought with this pillow in mind. Wich one is your favorite?

Don’t forget to check my Etsy Shop, and have a great weekend.

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  1. Superfina, Hanna!
    Jag har snart en etsy-shop jag ocks?… om jag lyckas ta mig f?r att fotografera och l?gga in n?t, n?n g?ng.

  2. The pillows are beautiful! I came across your blog by accident and now enjoy reading it each day, especially your visual journal posts. All your art is lovely.

  3. Hallo Hanna, First picture, first cushion. I’d like to buy please. Can you email me with a snail mail address, and send me details of costs of item and postage.

    I will then send you payment through post. Let me know soon.

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