Four thing Lists and one dog

I’ve seen this meme everywhere, the four things about me-tag. Surfing by Susan I felt I should do it… and later today I saw that I’ve really been tagged by Tania. So I thought I’d type up a few 4-lists about me. But first a cute dog. Lots of dogs in this blog lately, huh?

Etto the dog
This is Etto the dog, photos from this weekend. Borrowed dog that loves to hunt snowballs.

Anyway, here goes:

4 jobs I’ve had

– kids computer teacher
– web designer
– nanny (3 kids, 2 dogs, 1 cat)
– janitor

movies I watch over and over

– Reality bites
– Toy Story
– Totoro
– Big Lebowski

4 books

Gone with the wind
The Artist’s Way
Artist’s Journals and sketchbooks
Crime and Punishment

4 places I have lived

– Södertälje
– Hägersten
– Crete
– Umeå

4 TV shows

– Super Nanny
– Antikrundan
– Simpsons


4 vacations

– Cambodia
– New York City
– Gotland, Sweden
– Paris

4 fav dishes

– Chicken wok with noodles
– Tomato minced meat sauce with spaghetti
– Salad with cold sausages and cheese
– Dad’s food

4 daily sites

– Lexin

4 places I would rather be

– at my parent’s place with everyone
– Storloppis
– romantic holiday with nobody else but &hearts-P;

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  1. Hi Hanna!
    How are you? do you remember me? you italian swap-pal? wonderful dog… I love your happy new year cards!

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