Celebrating 2010 | My Creative Achievements List

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According to Gretchen Rubin, Lytton Strachey observed, “Perhaps the best test of a man’s intelligence is his capacity for making a summary.”

I love summing up my life and writing long lists of this and that. Today I choose to look back a bit on 2010, and a few of my achievements. Here is a list of a few of the things that I accomplished during 2010:

  1. I got more involved in the embroidery guild and am now the board’s secretary
  2. Continued to work with the member’s magazine, being one of three people in the editorial “staff”
  3. Wrote quite a few articles for the two issues of that embroidery magazines that came out this year
  4. I took the cover photo for the summer issue and…
  5. …was responsible for collecting material for the December issue for the first time!
  6. I went to Denmark for one of the editorial meetings
  7. I arranged my first postcard swap on my blog and counted 160 participants!
  8. I experimented with making cloth paper using tissue paper (and wrote a tutorial)
  9. I made my first big vision board that has been up on my wall all year
  10. I finished the brown quilt and was very happy with it (sitting wrapped in it as I write this)
  11. Didn’t craft very much but I have been knitting a little bit and finished two projects the last day of the year, so I will post pictures of those later
  12. So didn’t craft as much as usual BUT did more art and collages than ever before!
  13. I continued to sew in paper and had a blast with that
  14. I wrote extensively about how to keep a travel journal
  15. my article on travel journals was published in the Australian zine Mixtape
  16. Via the crusades I started using tissue paper in my art journal
  17. and then later did a class called Layers of tissue paper at 21 secrets
  18. started another blog just for writing in Swedish
  19. Registered an account at Google analytics to keep track of blog statistics
  20. Was asked about having a sponsor but never got around to do anything about it
  21. I continued to be fascinated by zine publishing and reprinted my own Mettazine issue 1 several times!
  22. The Mettazine was a small but nice bestseller in my etsy shop and for the first time I enjoyed listing new items
  23. I discovered how much I love the whole zine process but still did not take the time to make issue 2! :-/
  24. thought a lot about writing but didn’t find a good writing habit that I could be satisfied with
  25. I did layout for a digital photo album with photos from 2008
  26. I started photo albums for both 2009 and 2010 but have not been keeping up with those
  27. I collected my favorite colour in a colour sketchbook and became even more inspired by colours and colour collecting!
  28. Created the Art Journal series Monochromatic pages and did pages in ruby red, green, turqouise, pink, and orange
  29. I experimented with actions, textures and other fun stuff in Photoshop
  30. From my flickr favorite photos by other people I created monthly Inspiration Mosaics that I tried to publish on the blog at the end of each month
  31. I wrote a blog post for Archive along
  32. Discovered TweetDeck and understood the meaning of twitter
  33. started to tweet and went from a few followers to +610 followers!
  34. Helped my friend Elisabeth set up her blog Textila inslag and am looking forward to more of her inspiring posts (she is born blogger and got great posts up straight away)
  35. Worked extensively writing texts for a friend’s homepage for his consulting company
  36. I fell in love with using brown paper as my canvas and…
  37. doodled big
  38. I also started making miniature books and made several of those booklet style
  39. I created owl collages that sold in my Etsy shop!
  40. I finished and framed my mixed media embroidery series Fly photo of an Inner Landscape I – III
  41. I created the poster for my embroidery group exhibit (and put it up around town)
  42. I participated in our Embroidery Exhibition, my first!
  43. Sold the green embroidery at the exhibit!
  44. My profile was published in Vickie Howell?s book Craft Corps!
  45. I created two embroidered Artist Trading Cards for me and one that I traded to my mom
  46. Embroidered a lot of fishes for my embroidery group’s Ocean Themed swap
  47. Started to go through stuff at my parent’s attic and then sold old stuff at a outdoor flea market with mom one weekend
  48. I decided to fill a Moleskine notebook in the Sketchbook Project
  49. One of my blog posts was published in the e-zine The Art Journal Journey
  50. I was interviewed by Connie in her series 30 journals in 30 days
  51. I filmed and edited my first flip through video
  52. I bought a lot of plastic containers to organize my office supplies etc
  53. I was invited by Connie to create a class for her online event 21 secrets
  54. Sold the 21 secrets class via my blog as an affiliate and earned good money
  55. So then I filmed and edited my first class and had a blast!
  56. Inspired by Alisa Burke I painted fabric – this is something I want to do more of
  57. I sewed together a colourful patchwork magic bag with those painted fabrics
  58. After a few owl collages I created a series of Imaginary Boyfriend Collages and learned the joy of working in a series of artwork!
  59. Was interviewed about journal writing by Kristin Donovan of Journaling Saves
  60. Fell further in love with my sketchbook theme grids and lines through collage
  61. Wove a cloth base for further textile work
  62. Created my own embroidered Slow cloth inspired by Jude Hill
  63. Started my first artistic try at abstract painting on wood…
  64. …and was pleased with the finished painting, now hanging on my wall
  65. Started a few more abstract paintings but non of those is finished yet
  66. Worked and meditated almost daily during August
  67. Decided to do the November project Art Every Day
  68. Created 30 collages during that month, and have sold 2 of those
  69. Found Pinterest and started to “pin down” images that inspire me there
  70. Helped mom selling stuff at a indoor Craft Market in our town for two days
  71. Took, was inspired and did art journal projects from the classes in 21 secrets
  72. Was invited to participate in Pam Harrison’s Winter Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap with my & mom’s saffron buns
  73. Made another baking video with music posted on youtube
  74. Celebrated my Nikon d5 camera’s fifth birthday with a new project idea for 2011
  75. Used my camera more than every second day this year (190 days of 365)
  76. Started to re-read and edit old blog posts from 2008 for a blog book. I read through eight months of them before I got derailed.
  77. Made two hand bound journals created with sewn pages and envelopes (inspired by Mary Ann Moss)
  78. I visited one open for everyone Embroidery Caf? this year
  79. I created a Project Page on my blog where I’ve listed big finished and ongoing projects
  80. I did 8 of 10 art journal crusades with the street team
  81. I bought a ♥ smart phone (htc wildfire) and did take a few photos using phone camera + photo apps
  82. Sewed together a very pretty December Journal at the last minute
  83. I created 195 posts for this blog
  84. I wrote quite a few morning pages and filled about three notebooks with div journaling
  85. I knitted a pair of gray socks (I wore them once and then they some how ended up in the washing machine and shrunk)
  86. I read 40 books (The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin among my favorites) and watched a lot of movies too
  87. Inspired tons of people worldwide to be creative! (added later)

Celebrating my accomplishments

I can not say 2010 was my best year so far or even among my favorite ones. I did not accomplished any big things from my life list during the year. I didn’t travel much, I did not take any creative classes, I have spend far too little time with my friends. My achievements are rather small and mostly experimental. But experimenting is moving forward and I have written this list of achievements as a reminder that even if I didn’t get my dream job or make enough money during 2010 I am moving forward. I was inspired by Lisa Call’s 100 accomplishments list and even though I did not get to 100 the list is enough for now. I still do a lot of things. I am not lazy! What you do in this world, small or big, is worth something. It is worth celebrating! So hears to a year well lived!

I continue to find inspiration and live my “projects”. I find myself happy when I work toward a goal and that is why I set them. I know my fears and have to keep trying not to let them rule my life. This list is about remembering some of my creative achievements in 2010! :-) I hope you are creating a similar list of your biggest achievements during 2010. Cooking, traveling, learning, walking, documenting life, a day job, taking care of your children and/or scrapbooking also counts! ;-)

20 Responses

  1. I’m so impressed by all your achievements…well done! Hope 2011 is a good creative year for you! Best wishes, Julia x

  2. Wow that’s an amazing list of achievements! Congrats! I wanted to say a big thank you to you for inspiring me in 2010 to be fearless in creativity! I hope 2011 will be a most marvellous year for everyone!

  3. Do Less, BE more or at least do the same amount, but BE more, is my new philosophy for 2011 I think ! How wonderful that you have so many things to celebrate, Hanna. You are living a creative life and enjoying that. That is a gift in itself ! Cheers, and I wish you the happiest of creative New Years too !

  4. hi Kim, do less? I could not accomplish that, hehe, it sound awfully difficult to achieve?! I always want to do so darn much when it comes to my creativity plans… :-) Cheers, and thanks for the idea to celebrate instead of just listing stuff. I’m doing art journaling right now, to celebrate a bit.

  5. Congratulations on achieving so many things! Some of them were really big too, being published and teaching in the 21 Secrets Class. (I am kicking myself for not taking that class.) I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the wonderful creative work in 2011!

  6. Hanna, u crack me up when u said “I’m not lazy”…. Pretty obvious to all of us and I love this list. Many many things u did will just be paving the way for more accomplishments in the future. Congrats girl!

  7. Karis, thank you. Yes some of the small are indeed huge for me, I agree and I don’t want to belittle those either. Thanks for reminding me about them. :-) See you around in 2011! Have a great week!

    Eden, you don’t see me as lazy because you see my blog. Still I have this image of myself because I sometimes am very lazy, hehe, even though I try not to be! The images we have of our selves are not always what others see, but both are quite true. ;-) Thanks for the congratulations, you sweet!

  8. All your little things add up to such big things, I think!

    I really enjoyed this summary and I like the quote that you shared at the beginning. You are always a huge inspiration to me, Hanna.

    Happy 2011!

  9. Wow, that’s a great achievemnts list! You’ve been so productive. You’ve spurred me on to keep track of my achievements this year (and thereby motivate myself to keep going too) .

    Good luck for your writing goals for this year. Writing is high up there on my list of goals this year as well, so will look forward to hearing how you get on.

  10. What a fantastic list of accomplishments! My biggest three for the year were: starting a blog, opening an Etsy shop & finishing a 5k training program. Happy New Year! Here’s to an even better year.

  11. Jodi, your blog inspires me right back and I’m glad you will keep posting your lovely photos to it during 2011! :-)

    Carin, going back reading old blog posts helps a great deal to keep track of creative things. Then I write lists of read books etc. I love personal statistics!

    Danielle, wow! You have achieved BIG things! I’m impressed especially with the running since that is something I think about but never do. :-)

  12. Any achievement, big or small, is worth being noted. And I think your forgot one thing on your list: inspired tons of people worldwide to be creative!
    Happy new year dear friend!

  13. Oh, Sophie! Yes I forgot that one – thank you thank you thank you for reminding me. I’m going to add it to my list, it feels like the most important one to me! :-)

  14. Christine, thanks! It’s not to late to look back at your achievements -and never too late to celebrate it all! :-) So, let me know if you post it on your blog so I can celebrate you!

  15. Thanks a lot Hanna for helping me with the blogg! It was one of the best things you did last year, from my point of view. And of course you did a lot of good work for the embroidery guild!

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