Buddha watching

I know of many bloggers who among their own posts pick favorites that have been either well received or fun to write. I haven’t done this before but as I was looking through blog posts from 2010 yesterday to write about my 2010 achievements I happened upon three that I think are great, so if you haven’t read them yet, please do now and let me know what you think.

My favorite blog posts of 2010

  • The therapy of Magazine cutting
    Are you aware of the therapeutic value of cutting out magazine images? Saving images to a personal imagery archive of clippings (to be used in future diary pages, collages or art journaling) is very calming and always cheers me up.
  • Being introverted and creative goes together
    Learning about the word and personality trait ?introvert? has been a important discovery in my life. It helps me understand myself. What introverted means to me personally is mostly that I as an introvert need time alone to restore my energy. That?s it.
  • Creative women on the movie screen
    I would like to call them Empowering Women Films for women of Today. They are the movies where we meet Strong Women, movies where Creativity and Girl Power intermingle into something that I want to see more of on the big screen.

Striving to be mindful

Today I also wanted to share a photo from my computer folders, taken late summer 2010 by me. A while back at Shutter Sisters (my favorite photo blog) asked readers to choose a favorite shot of our selves.

    Find a picture taken of yourself that best captures you. Either who you are or who you strive to be.
    Tracey Clarke writes: I have found that when you allow your truest self to be seen, really and truly seen, you are set free.

I didn’t think I would find such a photo, but I did. I didn’t remember this self portrait straight away, but when I found it I remembered the prompt immediately. This is who I strive to be:

A gift to myself
Mindfulness, I choose you! No, not just in the dojo but in everyday life.