This weekend we are going to fjällen again, last weekend we went there as well. This is how I spent Sunday (after skiing with my little brother on Saturday). Chilling in the cabin…

iHanna chilling out in the mountains

Fjllen activities

Other things I did this weekend:

  • Skiing with my brother
  • Took some portraits of my little bro who will soon be 14 years old
  • Finished a pair of socks for P (pictures to come)
  • Read Kaffe’s book Welcome home, cover to cover. I totally love it, even though the text is mostly very silly, describing on each page how glorious his mind and choices and collections are. I can see that from the pictures, tell me something new! The book ends with a couple of patterns on some quilts, rug rags and tips on how to make mosaic. I knew I wanted to try mosaic before (and I’ve added this to my wish list) but now I have decided that I have to make a rug rag! I’m in love with the rose design in this book. Tips?
  • I’ve also finished reading The complete book of Dollmaking, which was very neat. Lots of great tips on modeling clay, sewing, adding hair and painting faces. I liked the simplest designs the best, and will try to make one of the Simple Starter Dolls some day. A fun book to read even if you are not the typical doll maker yourself.
  • Drawing in my art journal, using my micron pens and watercolours. I’ve scanned the pages (we’ve borrowed a scanner!), but they are on another computer so I’ll have to post them later. I was inspired by Danny Gregory’s The Creative License that I’ve been glancing in when visiting a friend who recently bought it. I think I need to get it too… I felt lots of inspiration just holding it in my hands.
  • Eating good food and lots of candy, enjoying sunshine and snow, life and love.

How was your weekend?