For midsummer I took some of the rose cups I thrifted last week and made my first flower arrangement for the table. Roses of course, from the garden.

My kind o' cup

I just love how beautiful they look together on the white table cloth. This is true shabby chic, a style I’m diving into this summer with my whole heart. More pictures of shabby chic stuff will come soon!

The flower jug is from mom’s collection of jugs. This is my absolute favorite in her collection, inherited from aunt Sonja, and hopefully it will belong to me some day. I put a bouquet of white lovely smelling flowers in it, to honor its beauty.

Midsummer flowers

More eye candy below.

My kind o' cups

My midsummer


And lastly, I want to share a photo of the most beautiful buds I’ve ever seen:

Kalmia buds. They look just like sugar candy.

I took this photo last week, and today I took a new one of the flowers in bloom. Have you ever seen such a pretty flower?

Also, if you have the time, view my garden flower set and feel the summer breeze.