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I’ve been wanting to make miniature gingerbread houses for more than a year now, but last Christmas we went to fjällen and no houses got created around here. But then this year my sweet cousin wanted to make houses too, so we hooked up and made a couple (nine!) together.

Christmas decorating from above

I think this was one the best day for a long time. We laughed so much and made silly houses and just simply had a great ol’ time. I want more days of 2008 to be like this one.

Cake decorations from Scotland
Aren’t these cute? My cousin Charlotta brought these tiny tiny sugar decorations with her from Scotland where she lives.

Christmas radio in red
I decorated the radio by pressing a button that changed the display colour to red! Then we listened to Christmas songs all day while making a house pattern, baking and decorating the houses.

Pink frosting
We made pink and white frosting, and then mom came later and made a couple of other colours. It’s all in the frosting and the ability to make a paper cone and cutting a very tiny hole in it.

De olika delarna
Assembling the house parts. The roof parts and the side parts where a bit to similar and got mixed up sometimes but in the end we had exactly right amount of parts for our nine houses. We were nine people spending Christmas Eve together so that is why we made nine!

Smlt socker = klister
Melted sugar is a very sticky glue, but watch out, it is darn hot and you can easily burn your hands on it. We did.

Over the roof top
When finished the houses looked nothing like I had imagined them to look like. They were crocked, with broken roof parts and with holes here and there. It looked like an abandoned village that was about to fall apart! I have to admit it was my first time making gingerbread houses, so the result was quite nice after all. They held together through the decorating and displaying part so no complaints, okay?

The candy - just pick one!

The fun part happened at the table. The frosting, drawing windows, doors and decorating the houses. Adding candy and letting our imagination go wild. All of the houses ended up very different and fun looking. Not perfect, but to me the represent so much happiness and joy!

I hope this will become a tradition that we can repeat over the years to come!

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  1. Your houses look gorgeous! I’ve been telling myself I would make them for years now, but you have the best solution – invite somebody to do it with you! Next Yuletime I will! *^v^*

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