I’m grateful for Christmas

Life is finite, we are transient beings. Don’t be afraid to engage your world or your surroundings. If you don’t try and get the most out of this experience, it’s a big mistake, a real waste. You’re squandering an incredible opportunity. Steve McCurry

The server where I keep my blog has been down for a while and when I couldn’t blog I missed it/you all.

I’ve been filling my Art Journal instead. I’m filling it with leftover Christmas wrapping papers, gift tags and paint. Right now I’m sitting by the computer listening to gangster music, going through the past year. I’m looking at what I did wrong and what I did right (a few things) and composing a post about how you should do this too. It’s coming soon. I just thought I’d pop in here with lots of thanks to everyone I know and a few of my favorite photos from the 24th of December.

I’m grateful for…

Just for me
Pretty wrapped gifts with pretty insides. People who know me well and care for me.

Christmas spirit
Those little things that surround me; like lit candles, handmade candy, a cup of coffee, time to spend as I wish and gifts I’m granted.

and then a photo when I wasn’t holding the camera:
Green Christmas
Photo by my brother Micke. Love this one!

I’m also grateful for;

yo dude
Fun moments that makes me laugh out loud! Moments where I feel comfortable being silly me. Moments of calmness. Moments of just being. Moments of planning ahead. Moments of stillness and softness. Moments of me. Moments of you.

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  1. I missed you! Your comment was so funny, and I hoped it meant you were back in action! (At least the action I can guage, which is the blog–I’m sure you’re in action all the time.) You know, gratitude has carried me through so many things, and it is a life-saver. I think it may be right up there with love as the most valuable thing ever. It keeps us humble, it keeps us giving, it keeps us recognizing things outside ourselves. Thank you for reinforcing this today.

    I’m grateful I can now feel my fingers…

  2. Looks like you had a lovely celebration. Love the photos. The candles are so soothing and that shot of you and your brother in the ornament is perfect!

    Can’t wait to read the next post.

  3. love love love the ball with photo in it….
    family is what it is all about
    and friends
    my greatest gift is giving
    and being surrounded by

  4. I love how your listening to gansta music and doing art journaling with all your christmas paper and tags. Sweet pictures you have showing your Christmas eve.

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