Pink and red for ever

Pink and red

I have so many projects going on inside of me, that I need to start, finish or try out, that the hours of the day will never be enough to make them all. And sometimes you do foolish things. Like bidding on 10 x 2 rolls of pink and red sewing thread… And getting all of them!

Now I have sewing thread for the next 30 years! And by then I might have finished some of these rolls if, and I say IF, I ever start to sew on a more regular basis. That is more than maybe five times a year…

Today I went thrifting. I got a second pair of red shoes, a plastic doll that will be used in a project, a red shirt that I think will felt, ugly big blue earrings that I think will be used for a art doll and rose like curtain knobs that I have no idea where I will use, or when. But they looked nice…

I just made a cake, because tonight is craft night with the girls (yippie!):

Choclate vegan cake
– Mmmm!

The apartment smells lovely. Time to fold clothes, and burn some candles. Maybe soon I’ll have something that I did make to show you here in my blog. Let’s hope so!

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  1. Hi Hanna! I love all of your red threads! If you are looking for some way to use it, maybe you can think about joining my new project – details on my blog. It’s all about crafts – more than just knitting.

    Your blog is an inspiration to me – you always have so many lovely projects you make and work on. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  2. There can never be enough of that cake left for your breakfast. You just want MORE and MORE..

  3. I was looking for pink sewing thread on the other day (that my sister could sew some PINK purses and bags) but it was quite hard to find proper pink colour. All of them were more like purple or brown to me. Yours look real pink though :)

    Thank you for your blog, I still have lots and lots to explore here. I really like all your stuff, especially collages!

  4. H?rligt med s? mycket tr?d! R?d tr?d beh?ver jag alltid, min ?r slut just nu, s? jag ska ox? ge mig ut p? jakt!!! Har sytt en liten svart v?ska idag med plats f?r tr?d, broderisax, m?ttband, n?lar etc. Med ett r?tt hj?rtabroderat utanp?!!!

  5. Those spools all look so pretty together, I have a similar arrangement of pink, orange and red on my desk right now.
    I know what you mean about finishing things, I have to force myself to stop working on everything long enough to finish one project.

  6. I love your page ! I discovered it by accident looking to buy bokm?rken in Sweden!

  7. The pink red threads are so gorgeous, leave them somewhere so that it will inspire you! I have recently begun to like red and white fabric and I’m going to try redwork embroidery one of these days!

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