I believe in process. I believe in four seasons. I believe that winter’s tough, but spring’s coming. I believe that there’s a growing season. And I think that you realize that in life, you grow. You get better.
Steve Southerland

Dear Photo Diary,
I am sorry that I have ignored you for so long. It feels like winter has been long and harsh, and quite colorless.

Dear Photo Diary, a winter without very much color 2018

It has not really been a lot of snow around here this winter, but when there was snow on the ground it made the day a bit brighter. Swedish winters are so dark it’s depressing. I wish I could’ve traveled somewhere else from November until the end of February. But I couldn’t, so when we got a little snow I tried to enjoy it…

A friend and I took a wonderful walk through the forest with her borrowed dog.

Dog walk (Photo copyright Hanna Andersson)

Frost Pine (Photo copyright Hanna Andersson)

The walk ended by the lake, when the sun set (in the afternoon).

Dog in Sweden (Photo copyright Hanna Andersson)

Kanotbrygga = Canoe dock (Photo copyright Hanna Andersson)

Another day went out to the Archipelago of Stockholm, to do an interview there. Before I started working I talked a bit with the ducks in the harbour.

Winter view Waxholm  (Photo copyright Hanna Andersson)

They didn’t have much to say though, except that they were hungry and displeased with me for not bringing any snacks…

Ducks by the water (Photo copyright Hanna Andersson)

And when it comes to birds, I am looking forward to hearing them again when spring comes. It’s the first sign of spring, bird song in the mornings. For now, I just know they’re out there by the trails they left on the balcony…

Tracks on the balcony (Photo copyright Hanna Andersson)

And of course the food we left out is gone.

One morning the tree outside our window was visited for several hours by a flock of beautiful Bullfinches. The male is red, and the female mostly gray, and it’s been a long time since I saw one last, so this sight made me very happy.

Visiting Bullfinch (Photo copyright Hanna Andersson)

Another bird sightseeing:

Flamingo in Snow (Photo copyright Hanna Andersson)

Flamingo in Snow, I call this photo.

Also, I cooked vegetarian one day:

Vegetarian cooking by iHanna (Photo copyright Hanna Andersson)

And the boyfriend made sour dough bread:

Sour dough bread (Photo copyright Hanna Andersson)
According to him Dan Lepard’s book is the best one on this subject matter.

Of course there was colors too, but the theme of these photos was “winter without colors”, so I picked according to that. I think we should end with this some colors though, because this photo features one of winter’s (indoor) joys:

A gift from C and M (Photo copyright Hanna Andersson)

What was winter like where you are?