Pink and orange wrist warmers

Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn’t hurt the untroubled spirit either.
Elizabeth Zimmerman

Knitted Wrist-warmers by iHanna

I love wearing wrist-warmers when I sit by the computer and write blog posts. My hands often gets really cold, and even with a thick sweater it’s the fingertips (and nose) that gets cold in the winter. That is one part why I like to knit wrist-warmers.

I also think that this kind of wrist-warmers are fun to knit, and so easy that anyone can do it. I’ve also been obsessed with this color combination for the past year: magenta pink & orange. I must say I think it’s the perfect color combination. It just sparks fire and joy, don’t you agree?

Anyway, last winter I knitted a lot of these wrist-warmers in wool (only one pair left in my shop right now if you want to grab them). I saw something similar somewhere online, and figured out how to knit it, and then just kept going…

Three pairs of Wrist Warmers

I like knitting for the cold days, and it’s still cold here. Yesterday it snowed, but nothing is left on the ground for today – just the icy wind blowing in from the north.

And as I’m sitting by the computer right now, I am wrapped in a heath blanket that I got for Christmas. I wasn’t sure I would use it much, or even like it, but I’ve been loving it the past two months. I roll up in it when I’m reading on the couch in the morning, and when I’m working by the computer, it keeps my back from getting too sore.

Knitted wrist-warmers in pink, gray and orange

But wrist-warmers are cozy too, and easier to bring with you if you move around, or go outside…

These are knit in two rows of gray yarn, then two rows of color, either light pink, magenta pink or orange (those are my favorite). I just knit on regular needles and then sew them together, so I don’t even have to bother with sock needles.

Knitted Wrist-warmers by iHanna

I think it’s important to stay comfortable and warm when you’re working, weather it is computer work or painting in the studio.

So stay warm folks!

Oh, and I knew you’d agree about this color combination:

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Gorgeous! Right?

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  1. Thanks for sharing the story of your pretty wrist warmers! And wow, the pink and orange color combo! It’s supposed to snow here again in the Baltimore, MD area tomorrow. Not much, but just some pretty white flakes falling from the sky. It’s definitely cold, though. Stay warm where you are!

  2. Yesterday we had snow too! In the evening it was a bit white but this morning it was gone. Your knitted warmers look nice. Next up: knitting a nose warmer, ha ha. Love from Holland

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