Walking alone

Taking a walk by myself.

Winter  - Photo copyright Hanna Andersson #sweden

I stop and stare a lot. Nature amazes me. Inspires me. The sun is shining down between the branches. Making shadows and playing with the whirling snow. Snow is so beautiful.

Winter in the forest - Photo copyright Hanna Andersson #sweden

I stop and breath, slowly.

Borgafjäll - Photo copyright Hanna Andersson #sweden

These pictures are from a weekend holiday last week in fjällen (the Swedish Alps up north).


See the whole set of snow photos on Flickr.

Gaping to eat me - Photo copyright Hanna Andersson #sweden

Broken bridge - Photo copyright Hanna Andersson #sweden

12 Responses

  1. Great pictures as always Hanna! And this weekend has really been sunny? maybe the spring is round the corner?

  2. i love this picture. it looks like sweden to me – sweden at its absolute best. cold, sunny, snowy, pure…

    thanks for the nice comment about my square, hanna! i tried to write to you but i can’t seem to get through….


  3. nature is the best medicine for the soul and your pictures help me to keep mine in peace. Great, thanks

  4. Beautiful photos, Hanna. We didn’t get one bit of snow in Vancouver, where I live, all winter, and now our tulips are up!
    Enjoy the last bit of winter you have, it looks wondrous. :)

  5. Inspiring! Thank you for your art and your thoughts. I visit your site almost daily because you have great things of your own posted here as well as fabulous links that swirl me away into serendipitous creative mode!

  6. Thank you so much for publishing the snow pictures. We have had such a warm winter here (North Carolina) that we have not yet had any snow at all. I dearly love snow (those who have moved down here from colder climates tell me I wouldn’t love it if I had to live in it for a chunk of the year, though) and have been sorely missing it.
    When I was growing up we would have 2-3 good 1 foot+ snow storms taht would keep us out of school for weeks. Since mid high school that has almost completely stopped.
    I miss it. Your pictures really are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing!!!