Winter Trees

We don’t have to dream about a white Christmas around here. Since the beginning of December the snow is all around us and everywhere. It’s beautiful and magic and sometimes very cold. Causing problems in traffic and for the train (always late or canceled in winter). But with the right shoes winter walks are lovely, especially on days when the sun comes out.

Sun peeking through

I hope you have had a lovely Christmas Eve and are enjoying your day, however you spend it. I am, though two days with family and relatives is intense for an introvert like me so tomorrow I look forward to staying in, painting or stitching and reading a good book!

Might take a walk too, if the wind is not to rough.

Winter Bridge
High bridge heavy with snow.

Winter view
The view from the bridge over the open canal.

Winter Mirror
Water mirroring the trees.

Winter Island
And an urban island.

Take care of you and yours, and know that I am sending lots of metta your way!