The traditional base colour of the Swedish Dala Horse is orange, I’ve already mentioned that, but there is a big variety of colours to choose from these days. What about…

Yellow and very Swedish dala horses

Dark Blue Dala Horse
Dark blue.

Baby Blue Dala Horses
Baby blue.

New Pink dala Horses
Pink! Yay! (yes, I own one of these! or course I do!)

Running and sitting Dala horses
Orange horses, in funny positions. One out jogging, the other one sitting like a dog…

Modern dala Horses
Classy white Dala Horses with blue or gray decorations.

New vintagey look Dala Horses
Freshly made but with a vintage look. I love the big blue one so much – but it’s expensive at 536 USD!

Pick a colour
Yes, row after row with horses. There are even modern black horses on the shelf.

Additional shopping

Dala Horse Shop
Lots of opportunity to shop souvenirs in Nusnäs, Dalarna, Sweden!

Butter knives a lá Sweden
Anything with a dala horse
Lovely design
Lovely printed table cloth.

Kurbits clogs
White & pink horse + clogs
Kurbits clogs, very Swedish indeed.

Kurbits Phone Booth
There is even a decorated Phone booth outside…

Kurbits Roooster
Black rooster. There were a few statues outside the factory in Nusnäs, for kids (and grownups) to pose by and/or ride on! So lots to enjoy and look at.

What is your favorite horse-colour? Or would you prefer a…? Dala rooser? Dala pig? Oh, Maybe a Dala moose?

Dala Craft Ideas

Dala Horse Craftalong 2011* Knit yourself a pair of Dala Horse Mittens!
* Cardboard horses – love Ann Wood’s horses, you could paint/decorate these like Dala Horses…
* Print a colouring page for you (and your kids) to fill in!
* Free embroidery pattern – print from flickr and start sewing!
* Or repaint your furniture a bit more Dala Horse like? So cute!
* Collage tutorial video that might inspire you to make a paper horse…

Additional ideas peeps?