I have not made an-index-card-a-day but I have made a card for each day so the pile is really big now!

Daily Index Card Filling

All of the June 2011 index cards by yours truly.

The June cards (above) are all scanned but the book I had planned to do with them is not. I actually think that the pile is too thick for a spiral binding! 30 index cards with paint and collage becomes rather big actually, I didn’t expect that. It feels strangely wrong to divide the month of June into two books! I’m not sure what I want to do then.

2011-07-14 index card

I’m also way behind on showing you and blogging about the July cards, so I’m posting a few more today. My favorite is the one with a grid of postal stamps!

I have got plenty of stamps that I’m planning to do a project with “someday”.

Index card July 15
This index card you’ve already seen in my post Daisy Yellow Love post. It’s another grid, made from papers that Tammy sent me to play with.

2011-07-16 index card
Index Card 16th of July. The bird is a photocopy of a cloth label, and then I doodles the continuation of the wing.

2011-07-12 index card

I like these very simple ones. Just some paint and a bit of ephemera.

2011-07-17 index card
A few more of Tammy’s painted squares, this time arranged in a row. Lines and grids, coming back again (from the Sketchbook project theme), to haunt me perhaps…

Happy August!